Our way to become a Game Developer

This time its not a Devlog but another topic I want to talk about. Many Game developer dont play games anymore because they are focusing on their project all day or in their free time. I think playing games is important for a developer. Here are the reason and some tips how you can play games in your free time as a developer!

Our way to become a Game Developer

Part 3 is online.

This is mainly about a Game jam I entered and the second map is done for this project.

Our way to become a Game Developer

Our next Video is online! Our way to become Game Developers #2

You can see how we improved the first map and even some new functions. Our thoughts of light and shadow and how we progressed in the story.

Nightmare traveler


I was so free and played it and analyze the game for my own project.
I enjoyed your game and liked that you made custom graphics.

Be free to comment it, hopefully I didnt sound too harsh when I analyzed the game.
Keep the work up!

Screenshot Survival 20XX

You helped me a lot! I will show you my update here. Its not 100% done, but I think it is the right direction.

@grindalf: What exactly, then i can work on it :)

@BillyX and Kaempfer: Thx for your advice, I will try to figure it out.

Updated Screen:

I made something new! A foggy bathroom:

@Momeka: Really like the visual style. I would gladly buy it! :)

Our way to become a Game Developer

This is a video series of our upcoming journey. Me and my girlfriend started to make a game and becoming game developer.

We want to make a little documentary about the whole journey. And here is where everything starts. (Be aware I am from austria, so my english is really simple and sometimes completely wrong, sorry in advance)

If you enjoyed it, stay tuned for future videos and more Informations about the Game we are working on.

Screenshot Survival 20XX

I am working on a game with unity.

A little screenshot for the hotelroom.

[Rev Share] Looking for a Programmer


first i need to say, I am from germany, so it can be, that my english is not so good (still trying my best :D ).

I am a pixel Artist from Germany, actually im really interested to make a game. I tried it many times to build something or to work in a team and always ppl dont have endurance.
But I am still naive and wanna try it again. This time it is a little bit different.
In my last project we never talked about money and just worked, this time i have a clear goal and a clear plan.

The Programmer an me we are working on the Project mainly and we both get equally money after we start selling it. Everything beside that, like complex animations if i cant do my self or music, i will pay for everything. So i will get everything done besides the programming part. The Game will be done to 100%, so dont be afraid, i have the endurance and a clear goal.
I cant provide to pay a programmer aswell thats why I decided to rev share.

Well now about the project.

I actually started to make the graphics and the story is done. It will be a rpg, but honstly not a big epic never ending rpg. The story is still very very long, but its divided into episodes. So we just working on episode 1 and release it. Dont think it will be just a demo or something, each episode will be a whole game. Approximately each episode should be more than 15hrs gameplay. I have already an idea to convert each character into the next episode, because of course each rpg have a character progress and you dont wanna lose it.
Why we dont make the whole game as one? We wont get it finished in the next 6 years im sure of it. And if you have someone for 6 years working for nothing, thats not possible. But like I said the episodes are like a whole game and filled with much content and many possibilities.
Everything is actually on german, i will translate it soon enough roughly to english and then pay someone that he can translate my bad english into native speaking english.

I dont care about the engine. I just want this game done, so I want all my game design done by the engine, if the rpg maker can do this, i have no problem with it.

My portfolio of pixel art:

2D Olympic Games

( Sry for a double post.)

I edited the first post completly. I explained all phases and what exactly to do. I also added the contest forum (

We ve got one more Jury-Member: kayden

2D Olympic Games

You have to wait until the contest starts but I can give you some hints with my example.
You know if you start to make a game you have many small steps to do. Character creation, mapping, make graphics , scripting and more things. After that you put all those steps together to a game. And the competition is like this. ( It is just an example) Phase 1 you have to make a screenshot about the slogan and then phase 2 you have to make a story with this screenshot and phase 3 you make a feature for the screenshot and story.

The contest is for everyone possible.

If you have more question or something is unclear feel free to ask.

I added one more prize: I work as a Pixelartist for the 1. and 2. winner for free. ( My Art )
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