Our way to become a Game Developer

This is a video series of our upcoming journey. Me and my girlfriend started to make a game and becoming game developer.

We want to make a little documentary about the whole journey. And here is where everything starts. (Be aware I am from austria, so my english is really simple and sometimes completely wrong, sorry in advance)

If you enjoyed it, stay tuned for future videos and more Informations about the Game we are working on.

[Rev Share] Looking for a Programmer


first i need to say, I am from germany, so it can be, that my english is not so good (still trying my best :D ).

I am a pixel Artist from Germany, actually im really interested to make a game. I tried it many times to build something or to work in a team and always ppl dont have endurance.
But I am still naive and wanna try it again. This time it is a little bit different.
In my last project we never talked about money and just worked, this time i have a clear goal and a clear plan.

The Programmer an me we are working on the Project mainly and we both get equally money after we start selling it. Everything beside that, like complex animations if i cant do my self or music, i will pay for everything. So i will get everything done besides the programming part. The Game will be done to 100%, so dont be afraid, i have the endurance and a clear goal.
I cant provide to pay a programmer aswell thats why I decided to rev share.

Well now about the project.

I actually started to make the graphics and the story is done. It will be a rpg, but honstly not a big epic never ending rpg. The story is still very very long, but its divided into episodes. So we just working on episode 1 and release it. Dont think it will be just a demo or something, each episode will be a whole game. Approximately each episode should be more than 15hrs gameplay. I have already an idea to convert each character into the next episode, because of course each rpg have a character progress and you dont wanna lose it.
Why we dont make the whole game as one? We wont get it finished in the next 6 years im sure of it. And if you have someone for 6 years working for nothing, thats not possible. But like I said the episodes are like a whole game and filled with much content and many possibilities.
Everything is actually on german, i will translate it soon enough roughly to english and then pay someone that he can translate my bad english into native speaking english.

I dont care about the engine. I just want this game done, so I want all my game design done by the engine, if the rpg maker can do this, i have no problem with it.

My portfolio of pixel art:

2D Olympic Games

Welcome to the concept of the Olympics Games

Let me introduce myself , My name is Rafael and in this Forum I am known as Dyprax. I Am 21 years old.At the moment I'm doing small jobs until I start my studies. I used to organize some tournaments in online games.
A few weeks ago I had the idea that I have to make a great Olympics for 2D game developers.

What are you Imagine?
Normal Contest, there are some, but what about when you combine them into an Olympics with many "small" contests? To create a Game you have to make one small step after another. Each of those small steps can be made into one big competetion. Each of the small steps will be individually assessed and finally you count all phase together and you have the total score.

What about a theme ?
Yes, the Olympics have a big issue: Crime. All phases have to revolve around the issue of crime.

How many phases and for what is a phase?
There are 6 phases to get points . Now I will explain the 6 phases (all informations about time and points you will get in the forum):

1st Phase
Task: Your task is to create a Main Char for a crime themed Game. You have to create him in written form and graphically. For the Graphic form I just want a Face. Well draw it by yourself or use graphics that already exist ( Please credit them). For drawing a Face you can get extra points if it is good

2nd Phase
Task: In the second phase, you have to make a screenshot, which deals with the subject of crime and the protagonist from the first phase.

3rd Phase
Task: The third phase will be a little more difficult, you have to create a feature for a murder mystery game. As example a notebook, an opinion meter for every NPC or just other features.

4th Phase
Task: The fourth task is writing a story that involves the protagonist. And the scene of the screen should be recognizable. The difficulty is to write the story interesting for the reader and not to reveal too much so that he would play this story as a game.

5th Phase
Task: Your task is to create a minigame that matchs your Story.As example to get something out of the fire and watch out that you will not hurt by the flames.

Task: Your final task. All previous phases are combined into a game that is supposed to have at least 15 minutes playing time.

Everyone who is interested to become a Jury-Member can send me a pm


Anyone can participate. Groupings may also take place, but only up to 3 people.
The most important requirement is, there must be a 2D game. All 3D games will be disqualified.The game has to be english.

-Old Pat
-Team LPDM : TTT, TheCloud & Choco-sama
-Jens of Zanicuud
-"TeraZaky" : Teraglehn, Hicozaky, Velrogh

-Emblem ( made by Kerberos)
-I work as a Pixelartist for the 1. and 2. winner for free. ( My Art )

We are always happy about donations. Songs, pictures whatever

The intent
Why I want to make such an effort to do something crazy? It is relatively easy. I love it. I want to see how big communities are willing to participate in something. Above all, some "game producer" get known and the communities are not only for themselves and you can see that the world is much larger.

If you have any questions feel free to ask.

The Forum:

Rgds Dyprax

Looking for a partner


like the title said, I am looking for someone to work with.

Long time ago, I worked on some projects but I couldnt spend enough time anymore because of personal problems. To be honest I love it to work together with ppl. I think if each person concentrate in one thing, you can get some pretty skills.
And well its more fun to work together.

What will be my part? I would like to work on graphics and storytelling ( I am German hopefully my english isnt that crap). For this topic I made a graphic today, hopefully its enough

As you can see its not perfect or rather pretty good, but I will work hard to improve myself !

Another important thing is, I dont want to work on advanced Projects. I would like to work on a new one or on a early staged game.

I dont care about XP,2k3,AceVX or whatever.

If you have questions, feel free and ask :)


Ichi Engine

Hello and welcome.

Do you have a Project and don't know how to continue, or do you just need some help?
Have you been searching for a production Team but can't find one?
We can help.
This is a topic from Ichi-Engine!

What is Ichi Engine?
It is a gathering of People whom are working on games together.
You show us your Project, and we try to improve it with things like:
Story, technique, graphics, artwork, music and many more things.
This is the English production team of Ichi, we already have a German Team with 20 people.

If I want to join Ichi is it possible just to help other games with and without having my own game?
Yes of course.
If you have to wait for any graphics, feel free to help others. It is give and take.
It is like a big team which works together to develop some games..

What happens if I don't have my own project?
It doesn't matter. Too many projects are not so good. If you are good enough, you can help with other projects.

Listen, I've had RM for 2 weeks, can I still join?
No, we are searching for more experienced people. We need enough energy for the projects. We don't want to have to answer every question from rookies or let beginners join.

How do I communicate? How can I join?
Its pretty easy. First you need to contact me through a PM or just tell me in this topic that you want to join.
I'm will give you my ICQ, MSN or Skype account so you can add me, or I'll add you.
I will see if you are good enough for Ichi and if you are, I will send you the link on the forum.

Who is already in the Team?

German Team:
Circle Drain
Braska Feuerseele

English Team:
Star Skipping
luv_kitty 12

At the moment we don't have an English project so I'm going to show you some screenshots from German games:




Valkyrie Tears:




Kingdoms: The Tale of Sir Julian

Waking Dead

Autumns River: ( big picture)

The Mortal Realm

Tiimu Footoresu 2

Greetz Circle and the production Team Ichi ;)

The Dark Tower Journey recruitment


Im CircleDrain. Im not very popular in the english community, but in germany-community they know me. Maybe you alread know the titel. Yes I wanted to create a game from a popular book. The Dark Tower written by Stephen King. If you dont know the book, it doesnt matter.

Now some details:


In the story, Roland Deschain is the last living member of a knightly order known as gunslingers and the last of the line of "Arthur Eld", his world's analogue of King Arthur. The world he lives in is quite different from our own, yet it bears striking similarities to it. Politically organized along the lines of a feudal society, it shares technological and social characteristics with the American Old West but is also magical. While the magical aspects are largely gone from Mid-World, some vestiges of them remain, along with the relics of a highly advanced, but long vanished, society. Roland's quest is to find the Dark Tower, a fabled building said to be the nexus of all universes. Roland's world is said to have "moved on", and indeed it appears to be coming apart at the seamsâ€"mighty nations have been torn apart by war, entire cities and regions vanish without a trace and time does not flow in an orderly fashion. Even the Sun sometimes rises in the north and sets in the east. As the series opens, Roland's motives, goals and age are unclear, though later installments shed light on these mysteries.

We work with the RPG Maker XP.

Looking for:

1. CircleDrain



- Spriter-
1. CircleDrain
2. Lobstrosity

1. CircleDrain
2. lonely_cubone

1. lonely_cubone
2. Subsonic_Noise


If you think im a noob here 3 Screens from me
( The Sprites in the 2 Rooms are done by me and Daru)

Well if you are interested jsut write in this topic or a PN

Want to join a team :)


Im CircleDrain, I search a production Team, my problem is, I cant do a game by myself.
I always need a Team :P
But if I am in a Team i work really hard.

If any Team need a mapper, a pixler or someone who can critize stories, I am here :)

Here some of my creations:

Everything was pixeled by me and Daru.

and one map with no meaning

Greetz Ruffy :)
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