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Doom - Infernal Sky
a Doom-fangame on the engine of a RPG Maker!



Cannot edit my profile

It worked! Thank you very much!!

Cannot edit my profile

Checked the PMs. Yes that's true, you changed my name.
Any solution for my problem?

Cannot edit my profile


I returned to this forum back, but I cannot edit my profile.
Whatever I want to do (changing my avatar, adding Showcase Games etc.) when I click on Update it shows me the message:
"Oops! Something went wrong, there is a good chance we know about it and are working on it!" and can return to the page before.
And last year I got the same message when I wanted to change something.

What should I do? Btw. my name was changed, maybe that will help you.

Doom - Infernal Sky

C'mon I know this is what you want :)

It looks like a screenshot of a WAD.^^
So, great if this will be ingame but the poster of this ugly reznik guy makes me uncomfortable though.

Yes, it should be suggestive of a doom wad :D I want to give the charme of Doom with the background and the enemy in front of you.
Before I had the advertise of Hugo Boss. I didn't like it and changed it. But I think it doesn't take that attention, I orientated on doom mods and other maker-games how the poster/advertises look like on them.


Lol first I thought it was Lara Croft but as pixle-figure.

Doom - Infernal Sky

hahah, yea it is funny...

Would you mind posting one?

A few has nudity and bloody content, I don't know if someone likes to see it here.
By the way, I updated a picture of a bossfight (I changed the poster with Hugo-boss with an musician artist), what do you think about it?

Anyone interested in doing some proof reading?

Like we told before I'm interested in checking out English grammar.


Yea, cool! Thank you very much!

Doom - Infernal Sky

Nope! I just played Goat-simulator! :P

Sure and the pinko demon or the Cackademon and so on...

And maybe some demons who look similar to H-dooms demon-chicks. Did you play this mod for Doom?

Yep, but not too many. A few artworks will appear.


hehe thank you! :D

What prize I'll get? :P
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