Steamed Hams, but it's RPGMAKER2003!

This needs a sequel: Kent Brockman welcoming our new insect overlords.
You have the plot, you just need to make the magic happen.
(adding a secret ending where the master race of space ants actually takes over the world would be a touch of class by the way)

Shattered Hourglass

Hi Sawworm, I have been playing this game over 38 hours game play, but have hit a couple of problems, first I have all the silver tokens except number 9 IX on the tablet. The guide says 9 is the one in the mansion labyrinth,but I have that one, and looking at the guide I'm sure I have all of them done. Secondly, is there a map for the underwater levels? Because I have been looking all over for the fifth place to place a coin to open the door where the crystals are, I can only find 4, including the one where I had to push the lights to remove spikes, any help will be welcome on both, Thanks

The Silver Token guide is a guide I made when this game was at version 0.7, before the in-game Tablet that tracked silver tokens even existed.
In the guide the tokens are numbered in chronological order (which one you can acquire first), in the Silver Tablet they probably follow another order of choice of the developer, chances are that Silver token 9 on the guide is not the silver token 9 on the tablet.

Luxaren Allure

Yes, I reported that bug too a while ago, Chisa's HP drain skills cause a crash when they target enemies that absorb physical damage (like the Force Ghost), this type of behaviour is not handled well by the engine when it comes to HP drain skills and causes the crash. (technically, the effect should be reversed, and Chisa should take the damage instead of healing, but the engine doesn't like it, for some reason.)

I think a potential fix would be to change those enemies to immune instead of absorbing the physical element.
For the time being, you should just refrain from using the hp drain skill against those enemies like the Force Ghost.

Theia - The Crimson Eclipse

Thanks! Can you tell me what you didn't like about the game? I'd like to have a negative point of view of the game, just to get better in the future ; )

It's been a few months since I played this, so my memories are not 100% spot on, but the biggest issues were the following:

1) Possibility of missing Gaia Stones forever and no in-game tool to track them. I played without the guide and got 96-97/99 gaia stones and I had no way of knowing if I had missed the permanent ones or where I had to look for the non permanent ones (except getting the guide and checking them all one by one, which is something that I didn't want to do).

2) Balance of characters, towards the end, it seemed off on some aspects. Gallian, Ferion and Nimrod, ecc... never seemed to work for me, Nion and Rudra felt much less useful towards the end, and Martia became too strong (compared to the other characters) in my view. Also didn't like the 999 apeiron at max exp with the possibility of all characters having the same stats, as it was a clear advantage to those who had the best (as in multipurpose) skillsets.

As I said before, it's very minor. I didn't want to sound pedantic, so I kept it out and wanted to focus on the positive.
Hopefully this will help you.

Theia - The Crimson Eclipse

There are some things I don't like about the game, but, nonetheless this is the best game on I played this year, so I nominated it for Misao 2019.

I could go on and nitpick about the minor things that turned me a little off, but it would be unfair, perfection doesn't exist and it'd be ridiculous to expect it from a free non-commercial game.

Well done on this game, it's truly outstanding, the fact that you managed it with RPG maker 2003 instead of more recent engines, makes it even a more outstanding achievement.

I hope you will continue making games as you seem to have great talent for this, (When I was younger I daydreamed about making a game like this one, but it was simply not be).

Thank you for all the free hours of enjoyment, from a fellow countryman ;)


Super Mario RPG: The Starlite Worlds

Edit: Nevermind, I just realized the answer I was looking for was in earlier comments.
It was about the password asked by the Stone Guardian in Rolling Billows after you complete the 3 achievements.

The password is Starfall

Steamed Hams, but it's RPGMAKER2003!

Deep character development.
Multiple endings.
Fantastic graphics.
Engaging gameplay.
Pays homage to Saga Frontier.

10/10. Objectively speaking.

Eternal Twilight

I'd like to give some feedback about the Seraphic Dungeon.

First, the Echo Berserker has a bug that will halt the progression of the fight, effectively forcing you to reset the game and hope that the bug does not happen again.

It happens when he tries to apply the Watch Debuff to party members, but there is a chance that if he tries to target someone who is dead (or is something else?) then the game will probably go on an infinite loop or something like that.

As you can see from the screenshot here, the battle is halted and I can do nothing at all except reset.

The feedback about the dungeon itself is that I don't think that it was a good idea to just make it a collection of farmable bosses, these bosses take very long to kill (30 minutes each for me) on normal difficulty and I don't understand why I should be gated to farm them over and over just to progress (I have 1400 power and I can't deal with the two echo magis that I did not save at the tower, I run out of mp before I can kill them, ironically the Echo Berserker seems to be the best farming target).

I would have preferred it if it was a proper dungeon with normal encounters with enemies that have 20-25k to 100k hp and that provided a proper progression from level 24 to 30 and dropped seraph crystals, instead of farming those levels in the final room of the storyline's final dungeon and farming seraph bosses for crystals.

Corruption of Laetitia

"Half-Angel, were you trying to build your own harem?!"


EDIT: On a more serious tone, I found this to be a nice game, especially because of its replayability, I'm on a second playthorugh, first time I went the goodie good half angel way, this time I was off to maximize corruption and kill everything on hard mode.

There are a few bugs I'd like to report:

1) If you threaten the mayor of the first town and defeat the archers, those corspes will give infinite soul drain/requiem, since the body never despawns.

2) At the beginning of the game (if you spared the cleric) after the fight against the two paladins you can be stuck on top of a wall (and be forced to reload) if you pressed the enter key too fast during previous scene, this happens because Celeste has not moved properly in position and then she jumps in a place she's not supposed to.

3) If you kill the slime queen, and then you buy the Summon Shadow ability you won't be able to use it because you haven't unlocked the Summon skillset yet.

4) (On a good playthrough) after the boss fight for the second power source (the one that shoots you up 5 levels if you don't go to war with Arrwar) an invisible actor will prevent you from moving if you don't go down right away, making you stuck in position and unable to move at all. This is pretty serious as it can force a reload, and, even worse, if you save it could even force you to restart the game entirely.

Luxaren Allure

I just finished the game, took me 20 hours or so.
I played it on Hardcore Difficulty until the first encounter with Darkloft (3man where Karuna is stuck charging) then I switched to casual since I wanted to rush ahead and I was worried I had actually missed something.

First of all, I want to thank you for the free hours of enjoyment you have given me.
Second, I want to say that, for the most part, the game's balance and gameplay is truly well done (with few exceptions here and there like the Chisa solo in her dream or Darkloft with Karuna doing nothing) so I must commend you on that.
I wasn't expecting much when I started this game, but the gameplay and the fact that all characters are all diverse and useful and well balanced really kept me sucked in, so well done!

Now the parts where I nitpick:

1) I didn't like the fact that Karuna's final weapon is a missable item (if you don't collect all the shards of hope, I didn't miss it, I got them all), but in the end it doesn't really make that much of a difference I suppose.

2) The game crashed for me after a while when I accessed the save menu. I save often, this seems to be a sort of "memory leak" problem. Probably nothing you can do about, but after 1 hour or so of gameplay, accessing the save screen made my game crash. Another crash occurred when I hit with Nebula Siege (Chisa Impulse) a Force Ghost (those absorb physical damage), I got a message that a "class" was missing, presumably because the engine did not know how to handle "negative" absorb events.

My Score: 9+/10
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