CC's Feedback

I routinely record indie video games, and post videos on my YouTube channel.
Feel free to request a game by either a PM, or through this thread.

* I have the right to refuse any request.

* I prefer short games, but won't mind going through a 10+ hour epic, if it keeps my interest.

* RPGs are my Forte.

* I will not play a game that I cannot get for free. I'm not rich >.>

* All comments, and Likes are welcomed. Feel free to subscribe for quicker updates.

* There's no real order of games I'll look into playing. It all matters on how much feedback it already has, and if I really want to play it.

* Don't expect me to finish your game.

And I should note that I'm not old school at all. This is why states not working in FF games can make me removes stars from a review.
That, and normal attack spam. And slow battles. I'm just a hater like that~
Just throwing that out there. Though I probably wouldn't be that mean if I was to write a review.
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