Twisted Fairy Tales

I’m working on a version of a twisted Peter Pan if anyone is interested in joining me :)
That sounds like fun ClareyMarie I would be intrested in helping you with your twisted Peter Pan game.

Sounds great :) I'll PM you my discord

Twisted Fairy Tales

I’m working on a version of a twisted Peter Pan if anyone is interested in joining me :)

A Halloween Horror

Does anyone know if assets have to be 100% original or are we allowed to use pre-made assets?

A Halloween Horror

I love horror so I'm definitely into this, but I do want to work on a team. I am a writer/proof reader! I can also do mapping and tileset edits! :)

The Witch's House

I was really surprised that such a popular RPG Maker game never made it to this site. I wonder if its because it was originally in Japanese... anyway, cool job uploading this game.
VGperson literally said they can't be bothered to upload here. xD

Did you actually ASK VGPerson before posting this here? I mean not to rain on anyone's parade, but VGPerson translates these games with the creator's permission and posts them on downloads to VGPeron's site with again the creator's permission. If you weren't given permission by both the creator and the translator, should you really have posted it?

Dark Aria

Please tell that this is still in progress! I wanna play!!!!

Yes this game is, however I'm currently looking to recruit a team so that I won't be making this entirely alone, also I've run into a bit of a hardware snag that has cost all the work that had previously been done on it, so sadly its had to be started from scratch. I do not have a set day for release because of this.

M.O.G. Graphics

This is something I've actually been working on for like the last month or so, just making my own custom tile sets so seeing this event is really exciting for me, however I am not sure how the stuff I've been working on looks as it is.

I uploaded the tiles that I did a few weeks ago regardless, I hope to work on adding more to it later though, but the tiles are set up with the B tile sheet grid. They are lined up with overlapping on some grid as parts of the furniture you should be able to walk behind.

Otherwise free for non-commercial use, and I would appreciate credit for my tiles (if anyone likes them enough to use them that is haha).

Dark Aria

game look good hope it come with a guide for good end and the Canon one too :P

No worries there will be a complete guide released with the game!

Dark Aria

This sounds like this game will be pretty cool. :3
I'm interested in the Sanity and Knoweldge meter. These sound like they'd be a pretty nice part of the gameplay :3

Thank you, the basis behind this is finding a balance between what you know and what you don't know, as learning negative things have a negative affect on the mind, you need to be careful of what you learn, but if you limit learning things to much then you might not find out the truth. So the end is figuring out a balance to try and get the canon ending.
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