Hello, This is probly really late for a reply, i just made a account to tell you about the game. .w.

Frankly, I love it! The enemy desien was a bit too much for me, but the mis shapen and malformed creatures(and that really bizzar picture in that one room with all the undergarments), really got me to think about stuff.

The gameplay, Not my favorite thing, since i wasn't smart with my heals, ;-;, and it felt like an RNG fight, but the save at any time, and "save often" message got me saving every 2 steps.

My interpretation of the story, with that picture in the room with the undergarments in mind, Makes me think of "Sexual abuse" towards glen, by the Father, Who we never see, but know exsist(and the mother is gone). When i first encountered the Locked room where the ending happens, i thought it was the room the deed was done, and our main charactor is blocking it out.
Glen has combat boots, but she was an athlete and a photographer, nothing about being a militant/military person.

This, got me thinking deeply. Glen's diolouge was really weird, The monster in the bathroom was bloody and beaten, Left to die, the Ghost child in the elevator inched towards the player. the Box cutter girl, attacked you when you found a way to get closer to Glen. the first enemy in the bathroom was missing it's lower half, Just like the Glen we see, and the Girl in the picture.

It's a story of Hope. and overcoming everything that is thrown at you(unless of course you walk into the forest,) The music twards the end, where the Jersy is, Is a String instrment, Being played, Brutally butchering the strings with the Bow covered in rosen.

A synphony of agony. The symbolisum in your game, is one of the best i've seen in a LONG time, Mind you, i'm not old, but this symbolisum, was on a whole nother level, and the comedic text, made it a bit more cheery. Although, I would have loved more story, but that would take away from the amazing imaginations that you had set into spark with this lovely game.

I hope i can one day, create games as lovey, and Encentric as you have .w.

"glen's Photo" "New skill learned", "Reason for living" "Self afermation. midigates suicidal aspirations"
Oh, so i use it if she becomes suicidal....
"status: suicidal"
GOD DAMN IT! did the room cause it? or the photo?
Checks photo, *facepalms*
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