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Status Turn Limit Problem

Hey guys, I'm trying to find a script or work around for a small, but annoying, problem. Simply put, whenever I use a party wide buff, if I have it set to 1 turn, it will last exactly 1 turn for the user, and 2 for the rest of the party.

Now I'm sure I've scene a script before, for the normal battle system, that fixes this, meaning that a 1 turn buff lasts 1 turn for everyone, not just the user. Does anyone have any idea if it exists and where I can find it? Or if that isn't possible a work around?

Thanks in advance.

Does anyone know...

...if there is a way to disable character switching in Battle Engine Melody? By this i mean the ability to press left + right to switch between characters. It's the one aspect of the whole battle system I don't like (Don't know why, just prefer normal DTB command selection), yet I can't find any way to disable it.

Thanks to anyone who can help.

Anyone here used the KGCSkillCP script?

And more specifically have any idea why the add_battle_skill method isn't working for me? I need to use it for the intro/tutorial battle in the game, and however I try and format it in the script box, it doesn't add the skill to the list of usable ones in combat, which causes obvious problems for the tutorial.

Here's an image of all the custom scripts I'm using in my game, along with the info for the add_battle_skill method:

Sci-Fi Series'

I'm guessing this is the best place to put this...

Sooo I decided to watch Farscape all the way through from Season 1, and got to wondering to what I'm gong to watch after I finish all 4 seasons in terms of Sci-Fi. So far I can think of Battlestar Galactica (Definately will watch that at some point), Babylon 5, Star Trek (All of 'em... probably watch a different Sci-Fi in between the diff Series') and Firefly/Serenity.

Anyone know of any others? I'm not really that fussy so any suggestions are welcome.

Anyone any good at looping?

'cause I could do with an MP3 turning into a looping .OGG, complete with loop points etc., specifically this one:

I've tried looping myself but I can never get it quite right, so I was wondering if anyone else could try? I think the looping point is somewhere round the middle of the song.

Thanks in advance.

So I got bored and...

...wrote a random story. You can download it from here.

Just a quick note, I haven't written any fiction in over 2 years - last thing I wrote was a comedic adventure story for my English GCSE (Funny enough, it was the only A graded work I did...), so I doubt it'll be really all that brilliant.

So yeah, read it, criticize it, whatever. I don't really care, I did it to try and get rid of some early morning boredom, which it suceeded in doing. Though I guess some advice how to improve it I guess that would be appreciated.

VX - Script Problem...

So I've been implementing a new damage algorithm into RMVX and I seem to be having some problems, in particular it's to do with the outputted damage, it's just not coming out as predicted if the numbers put in are different.
The sections of the code I've edited and added are as follows:

Damage Algorithm:
def make_attack_damage_value(attacker)
damage = Math.sqrt((attacker.atk / self.def) * attacker.pow)
damage *= 5
damage *= make_level_mod(attacker) # base calculation
#damage = 0 if damage < 0 # if negative, make 0
#damage *= elements_max_rate(attacker.element_set) # elemental adjustment
#damage /= 100
if damage == 0 # if damage is 0,
damage = 1 # half of the time, 1 dmg
elsif damage > 0 # a positive number?
@critical = (rand(100) < attacker.cri) # critical hit?
@critical = false if prevent_critical # criticals prevented?
damage *= 3 if @critical # critical adjustment
#damage = apply_variance(damage, 5) # variance
#damage = apply_guard(damage) # guard adjustment
@hp_damage = damage.round # damage HP

(New) Level Modifier
def make_level_mod(attacker)
if attacker.level > self.level
leveldiff = attacker.level - self.level
levelmod = Math.sqrt(Math.sqrt(Math.sqrt(1+leveldiff)))
elsif attacker.level < self.level
leveldiff = self.level - attacker.level
levelmod = 2 - Math.sqrt(Math.sqrt(Math.sqrt(1+leveldiff)))
elsif attacker.level == self.level
levelmod = 1
if levelmod < 0.4
levelmod = 0.4
elsif levelmod > 1.6
levelmod = 1.6
return levelmod

Now for the problem: if the character's Atk stat is reduced to be lower than the enemy's Def, then apparently outputted damage from the first section of the algorithm becomes zero, giving an output of 1 damage.
Having put the same algorithm and stats of the test character and monster into Excel, I've gotten numbers that are only slightly smaller than if their Atk is equal/greater than the monster's Def, meaning something stupid is happening in RPGMaker, but I just can't pinpoint it at all.

Any scripters think they might have a clue as to why it's not working right? Thanks in advance to anyone able to help.

Thoughts on the Number of Skills/Spells per character.

As the topic title says, just looking for your thoughts on this subject. It all stems from me designing the skill sets for characters in an RPG I'm thinking of making sometime in the future. As I've been doing it, I've totalled the number of skills to be 18, 1 of which is their Transformation (Which works sorta like summoning) and 2 are Normal and Heavy Attacks, making a total of 15 per character. Add this to the 5 skills their transformation has, then you have a total of 20 per character. The way I'm thinking of setting up the game though, it comes down to 8 skills in the Normal form, as the skills are tiered (Each tier of skill can be used tough, I'm not THAT cruel that I'd force players to use the highest tier skills.)

Thinking along to an RPG I'm actually in process with on RM2k3, I've found that 20 Spells seems to be my amount for the two main spell casters in the group. Tiering them it'll probably work out roughly the same as above. It may be mere coincidence (Probably is) but I'm sure I've originally had another game where it has been roughly this number too.

From games I've played it seems to be a fairly standard amount of skills, with the amount of skills varying between characters and games (I'm sure I've played some FF games with more than that).

Really though, I'm curious as to what you guys think mostly, whether you have an amount you generally aim to have or if you just give each character a random amount and be done with it.IF it's the first is it usually loads and loads so that the player has to hold down for about 5 minutes (Okay slight exagerration there) to get to 'Apocalypse' orr is it very few so you can practically just tap down twice and all manner of hellish forces are unleashed on the foes.
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