Game Chill 2009

My game has less than a minute of gameplay and already millions of people died in it. Yup, my game is going to be something else...

On the bright side, you get to play as two villains! Its time to take out the heroes and their cliche stories! :)

Ghost in a Bottle

Looks interesting...

Game Chill 2009

Hours of gameplay is usually estimated. Game companies measure the number of hours it would take to beat the game by using their playtesters. Even still, everyone has a different pace towards beating a game. How do I know that? Because I've actually been a playtester before...and man, it wasn't a pleasant experience...

Game Chill 2009

Got a story that goes with the theme, but after reviewing it...the story seems a bit grim. Hope you guys like noir-type games...

Game Chill 2009

What a perfect time to put this story of mine to use. We need more arpgs and I plan on making one.

The Colony

Underground harvest moon? Sold!

Final Eclipse

This game is pretty cool. Although, it becomes crash prone when you are using the autorilfe while moving.

Hyamlan's Secrets

Your game is alright. You might want to look it over a bit because in the first part (the first city you go to when your dark elf friend gets imprisoned) there are quite alot of errors dealing with missing character files. Especially during the part with the festival.

Everything Turns Gray

Your game is pretty cool since I'm kinda a fan of the Fallout series. Can't wait for the full game.
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