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Let's work on your game descriptions!

help pls...
"Description needs some work in the grammar and punctuation areas"
my Description
Tells the story of four young men who wear rings Satanic user armor complete with power in the world because the devil ring, the rings Satanic users make war everywhere, but they don't kill civilians.
However, they were eventually defeated by a legendary magician who could seal the power of the ring when the ring seal successfully then all the armor used by the four lads devastated.
5 years later after the ring seal, and that's when the four rings Satanic it is in use by an evil witch who lives in the black tower, its strength misused so much that it changed the witch humans into monsters, but the youth of the former the wearer of the ring demon decides to save the world from the evil sorcerer, witch one it tumbles and the devil wear ring back to save the world.
But there is one King that use swords legendary swords such as the use of the users can be very powerful.
The King became King of darkness that want to rule the world. But the Efforts in gagalkan by its former wearer of rings Satanic, King of darkness ever succeed in the face of the world and be safe.


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Lakria Legends


Let's work on your game descriptions!

my game was denied "Please either get someone to proof read your description or paste it in this thread to get help with it.

DarkAndWhite is a game about a young man who wanted to avenge own blood to satan because her grandmother had been killed by soldiers of satan

DarkAndWhite is EXTREME battle with Devil is an AWESOME RPG game, where you are a Hero who Beat other Devil in a Battle to the death.

Show yourself to the world, that you can to be the hero and save the world with your hand
revolves around a young man who would be the heroes and overcome Satan, Satan's defeat, and after that, the youth would be the King of the Kingdom of the lion, because the former King is already dead in kill, damage on Earth have recovered because Satan already does not exist.

and now the world has saved, but the danger will always exist.the hero will always emerge from generation to generation...
and the devil who wants to destroy the human race will always popping up too

Let's work on your game descriptions!

help me please
my game was denied "Description requires some work in the areas of grammar and spelling"
the story about a young child named jimmy who lost his family during the tsunami disaster came, the little boy was dragged into a very large cave, some of the tsunami-dragged into the cave, the tsunami-driven people tried to keep out of the cave but failed because of the cave very large.
But the boy named jimmy was able to come out alone because there was a mysterious figure that helped him

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Darkness Falls

I'm not sure if this is me but it wont allow me to download chapter 1. The page just opens up to a blank website that says expired so. :(

i'm so sorry, try download again

Let's work on your game descriptions!

Need a little help with my games description,Description needs fixing when it comes to grammar, sentence structure and punctuation

the story of a girl who suffered a nightmare,that girl should experience an obstacle given the clown in order to be free from the nightmare.
and who made the nightmare, which made the nightmare that is the man who wears a clown costume,
However, when tisa tisa met on the way, many of the ghosts who want to eat it, tisa ran and screamed because the ghosts it was very scary and her voice is also scary
TISA met someone named isabella they make new friends and adventure in the land of dreams that horrifying and finally they both come out of the dream of each, but the journey is not yet over, in the real world any tisa still is haunted by a ghost in hunger, tisa seeking help but nobody,like disappear somehow walking follow the tisa, where light and meet angels, tisa ever ask for help to the angel that all became normal.

Let's work on your game descriptions!

Guys i need help..
my game was denied

Reason was: "Description needs work when it comes to grammar
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