"It's frustrating because - as much as Corf is otherwise an irredeemable person - his 2k/3 mapping is on point." ~ psy_wombats
"Winning" internet arguments via dismissive hyperbolic falsehoods and selective ignorance.

Unallocated Skill Points
Tales from Zilmurik
Epic of Damnation and Redemption




Well that escalated quickly.


As someone who's had this individual as a customer, you're better off without; that is, unless you enjoy having your profession threatened by this one man boycott because mere hours went by without a response from the dev about the level cap.

It will take some longer to rebalance the game

Would you ever consider releasing a version of Final Tear 3 that didn't have its map tree data corrupted so that the player can fix whatever small issue might be holding them back between updates?

Final Tear 3 remastered 1.01 is released!

I pressed Space Bar through the tutorial and when it came time for me to make my choice, I went to Orb Magic, selected Fire Ball and pressed Space. It skipped past the need to select the Slime, played the animation and dealt the damage. Then when my turn came around again, it got stuck at the screen above. I couldn't make any selections and the cursor didn't appear.


She's a QT.

Final Tear 3 remastered 1.01 is released!

I used Fire on the tutorial Slime and my game locked up. The default battle system works, you know?


It's a real shame the maps weren't touched up on.

Randomizer Released!

You're all much luckier than I am. The first three battles I've fought were instant deaths.

1. Couerl and two Malboros
2. Three Ninjas
3. Two Flame Hounds

I did get an Adamantium Visor from a chest in Branch Castle, but it ultimately did nothing for me.

Randomizer Released!

What are the odds that my first fight is going to be against something that I can't defeat?

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would anyone like to join me in this event?

Depends, what are you looking for?