"It's frustrating because - as much as Corf is otherwise an irredeemable person - his 2k/3 mapping is on point." ~ psy_wombats
"Winning" internet arguments via dismissive hyperbolic falsehoods and selective ignorance.

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"Take this beautiful moment and make a joke out of it. If you can't, you're a slave to it."
Tales from Zilmurik
Epic of Damnation and Redemption
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It's Hard To Make The Funny
  • Okurete Sumimasen
08/20/2017 08:46 AM
A Smörgåsbord Of Everything You Love
  • Forever's End
08/19/2017 09:24 PM
  • Dreaming Mary
08/16/2017 03:57 AM
Older isn't always better.
  • The Fable of Gretel
08/16/2017 03:44 AM
Thou Must Alter Harder
  • Chrono Alter
08/16/2017 03:44 AM
Shadar's Needle On The Record
  • Demon Legacy
08/13/2017 04:23 AM
This is a review for a game.
  • Shadows of Evil: Wings of Time Deluxe
08/11/2017 08:04 PM
Color Me Conflicted
  • COLORS: Lost Memories
08/11/2017 06:50 PM
True Retro Goodness
  • King of Grayscale
08/09/2017 06:02 PM
"Let's a-GO!": A study in good fangame design.
  • Super Mario RPG: The Seven Sages
05/07/2017 11:24 PM
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