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Release the Dead

I'm gonna try to revive my old buddy Somnia for the fourth time, hopefully this time it'll work.

Seasons of RMN II

If it's autumn turning into winter then there shouldn't be flowers. The flowers make it look like very old snow rather than fresh snow.

The flowers are mostly just to have a contrast in color and break the whole green, brown and white that are proeminent in all the scenes, but yeah I should probably change them, I'll look for some wintery flowers maybe or just make something else to create contrast. :0

Seasons of RMN II

It was kinda this fresh snow feeling that I was going for, so I guess its alright (or should I make the greens more dull?)

Seasons of RMN II

I wonder if it's looking wintery enough. :v


OHMY, the artwork looks beautiful! Subscribed, can't wait c: wait c:

Hehe Thank you! :3

Well, the summaries looks great as heck, and... swearing?

That's great XD

I can't wait 'till the game's available.

Thank you very much! <3

Goat Story

I crave that mineral.
No but really, awesome pixel art dude, and i love these type of rpg and goats so yeah, can't wait to play. :3


>Thank you very much! I'm actually planning to finish a demo until the end of the year. ^u^

Wow! It is like a present for New Year!

Yep :3

won't somebody please treat that awful shoulder wound :<

some aslyum this is

Yeah, he should really find a nurse to take care of that, or perhaps the nurse should find him. :)

Craze that's the photo they take when you are admitted, they'll sew him after, I'm sure....right after they put that explosive collar around his neck.

Oh no dear the collar is not explosive, it only gives "small" shocks to control the most dangerous patients. :)

Interested. Subscribed. Waitin'.

Thank you for the support.

Wow, that art is great. The other screens show plenty of promise as well. Really digging this so far!

Think I'll subscribe and follow this.

Thank you very much! (I didn't realize how un-updated this page is, my art style is very different and some of the sprites changed too. I should update this as soon as i can. ;w;)

could be a good game hope it gets completed

Thank you, hopefully it will. :D


I like the look of the original art work, not just the faces/busts but also the sprites and tilesets, any idea if/when a download will be available?
Thank you very much! I'm actually planning to finish a demo until the end of the year. ^u^

Looks beautiful!! I'm excited to play this!!
Thank you! ;3

What's the gameplay going to be like?
Mostly exploring the environment and completing quests and puzzles, but there will be some random encounter battles as well.

Interesting. First of all, I like graphic on screenshots. Waiting!
Thank you very much! :3
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