I am a long time fan of RPGs ever since i first played FFVII.
I am currently working on a videogame called "Spirit molecule: Humanitys Perennial Quest through the Cosmic Sea" For RPG 2k3
I am a huge fan of Classical, Jazz, Progressive metal, Avant Garde, and Old School Hip Hop
I am also have a passionate interest in Stand up comedy mostly Black Comedy/Morbid Humor, Satire, and Storytelling. Basically Jokes about cancer and suicide, Monologues about social criticism, and stories about how your Manic depressive Schizo mother killed one of her husband's with a gun.
Thats my humor.



Do you have real friends?

What I like about friendship (out of topic somewhat), is it does not have to be "good" people (not horrible of course), just something, really unexpected triggers the friendship, with the enormous advantage over love that you're not going to have to live with them, which leaves your appreciation very objective and free, and your affection too, like some sort of absolutely free gift of life, thar you're not going to do anything practical or useful with, just enjoy the feeling, if you see what I mean.

that is a really interesting way to look at it.

Do you have real friends?

"A friend will help you move furniture, a best friend will help you move a body."

That is the golden rule of determining who your friends are.

PS3 vs 360

the only thing missing is a pros and cons for x box 360

personally i like them both equally.

I'm Crowdsourcing a country...

The kingdom of Kroywen (New York backwards!)sounds Breton! what's "campy" ?

Google the old batman tv series.

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

FF3 for DS and plants vs zombies

What's your job ?

Dam so much for gamers being go nowhere shitheads. Over half you guys have degrees.
Currently unemployed(sucks ass) but when i have the gas money i do stand up comedy(my real passion)

Biggest 'Doh' moments of your life.

Well back in 08' when i was still running for president i forgot to do the one thing all politicians do when they run for office. I forgot to staple my dam birth certificate to my fucking forehead. Who would have thought that such a miner error in judgment almost cost me the election? Thank Allah socialist media saved my ass.

What's your favorite transportation in an RPG?

The lunar whale from ff4 and the red wing with the drill mainly because it had a giant fucking drill.

PONIES...Glorius DAY!

cho that is the strangest avatar i have yet to see, and mine has a rectangular eye sticking out of a head. Why is Barrack Obama(?) holding a Japanese animated Primordial Dwarf?

ANOTHER gaming company got hacked...

that we can stop lazy alien movies from ever having to be written again(except Paul that movie amazing)
you take that back, super 8 was a great movie ok

what is super 8 exactly?