I am a long time fan of RPGs ever since i first played FFVII.
I am currently working on a videogame called "Spirit molecule: Humanitys Perennial Quest through the Cosmic Sea" For RPG 2k3
I am a huge fan of Classical, Jazz, Progressive metal, Avant Garde, and Old School Hip Hop
I am also have a passionate interest in Stand up comedy mostly Black Comedy/Morbid Humor, Satire, and Storytelling. Basically Jokes about cancer and suicide, Monologues about social criticism, and stories about how your Manic depressive Schizo mother killed one of her husband's with a gun.
Thats my humor.


Final Party in FF V

I found the other topic on a final party in Final Fantasy VI to be quite interesting,
so i decided to make one for FFV mainly due to the vast creative possibilities offered by the "Job" class system.

My finishing party was

Butz: Samurai/White mage
Reina: Lancer/Summoner
Krile: Sorcerer/White Mage
Faris/ Knight/Black Mage

Final Fantasy I origins HP level up

IN FFI When you level up it increases your HP by either 20-39 or a small number like 2-5 if i wanted to put that same amount per level in my game, would i need to do it level by level manually, or is there anywhere that would show me all the levels, or is there a program of sorts that would figure it out for me?

I am using RPG 2k3 if that helps or hinders in any way.

Map wrapping cutscene

Is it possible to set up a cutscene similar to the intro to FFVI, not in appearance, but how the view is kind of wrapping with a the background slowly coming into view. I am talking about the part where the magitek are walking through the snow and the credits are being listed.

is it possible to set something up like that?

2k3 Pan screen prob

i have a cutscene where it the screen pans right while two events move right.

but the screen keeps moving right all the way to the end of the map even when the events quit moving.

am i not putting The "lock pan" in the wrong place or something else entirely?

also i have tried it on pan 1 tile, 10 tiles, etc etc but it still goes all the way to the end of the map

MAP tree break

I figured it out...

I am using Charas. EX and having an issue

They all seem to have a colored box around them. when i use them.
Any help on what i can do about it?

I am using RPG maker 2k3.

Stand up Comedy anyone?

Pretty self explanatory.

Favorite Performers?


Seen anyone good stand up live?

RPG 2k3 message problems

I am having a problem with the messages, in the eveny command it reads perfectectly

My time here on this planet is growing short, i implore you to heed
these words...

but when i test play i get this:

"My time here on this planet is growing short. I im
These words"

parts of the words are missing

any help on this?

is it a spacing problem or is it because i do not have it in full screen or what?

HOwdy PArtners!

Do I have to give my age?

My name is...well that i won't tell. Why? Well only because it is unnecessary to give it out in order to acclomplish the things users on here like to acclomplish.
So just call me Cosmic_Sea, or "buddy" or "buddy Ol' Pal" or "The guy who stole the Jager out of my freezer" Any of these will do, or anything really, i am always open to new and exciting ideas from everybody!

I like many of you am interested(and in the process of) creating an Indie RPG. I first got my start with RPG Maker for PS1 and only recently found out that RPG maker programs for PC, i have since acquired RPG Maker 2k3 and am now in the beginning stages of my first Indie RPG someday hopefully i will post it so you good folks can reveiw it and hopefully not tear it into a 1000 little pieces with coarse and unforgiving tongues.

I am a huge fan of any RPG although i am most familiar with those that predate the Ps2/Xbox/Gamecube era.

I would ask for free help(a.k.a. communism) from my fellow users on how to master the creation Process of RPG Maker 2k3 but i noticed you have all done a fine job with the tutorials so Kudos to you all.

I have one question though, are you a bot?
I noticed they ask that when i made this post, and i am glad they are suspicious of bots, because i am a very proud bigoted botist; I believe robots deserve no rights, they should be made our slaves and put to work in all our factory's/hospitals/automobiles/Farms and of course our entertainment cuz who doesn't want to see gladiatorial games between robots? Take two old macintoshs and throw 'em in a big pit with a handful of medieval weapons and watch them fight till the blue screen of death.

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