I really just started creating in 2009 before that I had been playing them since I was 2 years old.
I mainly play rpgs but also like action and Fps.
When anyone plays my games I want honest feedback. But don't just say "I like it" or "I don't like it" tell me why.


Game Drive Week 09

Sorry for the lateness guys. I guess I'll make this topic. Lets hear about your gameplay. What kinds of battle systems, minigames, other systems, or period gameplay elements are you including?

Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas to all to RMN, just decided to make this topic to ask how everyone's christmas is going so far. Any awesome gifts? Any naughty gamers get coal? Tell us about your christmas.

Btw mine is good so far, I got nothing but I'm with my family and that is good enough. ;)

Modified Battle systems

I'm now opening up Coy13 battle modding shop. I have seen a lot of good games on this site but many of them all have the same problem: great story, bad battles. This is not to say that the creator is bad at making battle. What I mean by bad battles is that many of these games can be beaten just by hitting attack repeatedly.
I love taking battle systems and modifying them to make them better and I would like to do the same for the community. If anyone is interested just tell me which engine and what battle systems and I'll craft an epic, custom battle just for you. For a better understanding of what I mean by modified battles just check out my game Xelos: Sinner's Circle. The story sucks but many people say the battles are good.

Rpg Battle Systems

I don't know about you but I have played 100's of rpgs throughout my life and ever since I became a creator
I have sampled many different battle systems to find the right one for each of my games. So I ask you what is your favorite battle system and why? Please name the game that they are from as well.
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