The Rare/Obscure RM Games Request Topic

StarSkipp For your Request of "Eyes Without a Face" tell me if this work(find out I got the file on my drive but can't remember if I get it from that same site you tried or from the game page when was still on) -

Hope its what you search for ;-)

The Case of the Man Who was Decapitated

Thanks for the reply Jeroen,(^^) yeah I really like mystery based games and casually searching I found your Saturn Fib series and so far I think the story in the cases and how Saturn is introduced in the Ace attorney canon hold up really good (puzzle follow the original games formula without be absurd in his motives and even if Saturn is a copy of Apollo, it come out likeable and grew up on me. Hope to see what you come up with in case 3 and 4 (sorry, no rush I know this things take time - v -'')

Is a shame this game file got lost/deleted, I feel sometimes it take time to appreciate little games like this even if you think technically wasn't great if the story hold up to the level of your Saturn series I'm sure the effort showed up and wasn't too bad ;-)

Anyway thanks for your time
Will keep an eye around for your next works and if in the future some copy of "The Case of the Man Who was Decapitated" will be posted on the list of requests for lost games I will send you the file, stay well. (^ ^)/

The Case of the Man Who was Decapitated

(- -') Hi Sorry to bother you Jeroen, I've recently played Case 1 and 2 of your Saturn Fib Series and loved what you've done with it (^,^) so I searched for your past works and this one got my attention, but unfortunately I found out the link in the description is broken, do you still have the possibility to upload it again ?

The Rare/Obscure RM Games Request Topic

Hi,I'm trying to find "The Case of the Man Who was Decapitated" does anyone still have it ? (- v -)

(= -),Still Looking Around maybe I need to contact the Author and hope He still got one copy on his drive (unfortunately his download link was one of the ones still on megaupload and got down with the site :/ ) on the same note someone got a copy of a RPG maker game called: "The Mystery of the Man Who Became a Pig" ? it was a demo 0.5 by SnakeYukin

If you do it would be of great help, thanks ;-)
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