Five or six years ago I created demo of game on rpg maker 2000, where you fight bosses and you have 2-3 tactics to beat each other. Last year and half I thinkking about returning to this idea and made more tactics to beat bosses. Slimes cant be beat with sword, bow and arrow, but can be squished with mace, burned with fire magic, or frozen by ice and them smashed. But there is one "but"... My lazyness. I fill like sloth who want to just chill...
Maybe (maybeeeeeeee...) I will recreate this never released demo...

Soma Spirits

So Heart is always leader in both worlds? Why Soul not a leader of group when they traveling in World of Sorrow?

[RM2K3] [RM2K] Ingame "Not supported" error

Can anyone help me with strange problem in games maded on rm2k/rm2k3? They randomly crashes on tittle screen, on loading or ingame moments with many "Not supported" errors. How can I fix them? I've been already tried re-install codecs, change compability mode and EASY RPG Player.


I wish. One of these days I'll sit down and learn python to make an actual RL.

If you know other PL, like ruby, c++ or basic you can make RL on them.

Plugin for permanently downscaling stats

I think you could do this using common events (This is a perm effect right.) But after leveling up the character might re-balance, I'm not sure...

Try it: Common event the item, change parameters.

If the level up thing causes issues you will need to use variables to keep track of how much should be subtracted from each attribute.

No level ups in my idea. You can only purchase an special consumable item that raise your stat(s). One type of items raises some stats and downscale others.

Plugin for permanently downscaling stats

Is there a plugin for rpg maker MV that can add permanent stat downscale effect for usable item? Like this: You use item and your strength or multiple stats permanently goes down to X?


Its reminds me Dorkly video "White Mage dad is racist".

[RMVX ACE] How to install free dlc?

Liberty, thanks.

[RMVX ACE] How to install free dlc?

If its not something that's from or on steam, don't even worry about that. I'm assuming they're just external resources, and you can add them to your game by downloading the resources and using resource manager to add them. (I hope im understanding your post right).

I talked about this dlc for VXAce. How can I add it in the my dlc list? It absolutely free, I press any button on the page with the dlc, VX Ace starts but dlc not in the list of available dlc.
I restarted Steam. It also did not help.

[RMVX ACE] How to install free dlc?

Good day. Just today discovered that for RPG Maker VX Ace came free dlc - RPG Maker: Community Resource Pack. I wanted to install, but nothing happens. I know that all dlc installed in the program folder, in a folder dlc. I looked in the "Properties - dlc" in the steam, but there's nothing there. In the "Manage Projects" watched. There is also nothing.
What do I do?
Google Translate helped me write this post :D
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