[RM2K3] [RM2K] Ingame "Not supported" error

Can anyone help me with strange problem in games maded on rm2k/rm2k3? They randomly crashes on tittle screen, on loading or ingame moments with many "Not supported" errors. How can I fix them? I've been already tried re-install codecs, change compability mode and EASY RPG Player.

Plugin for permanently downscaling stats

Is there a plugin for rpg maker MV that can add permanent stat downscale effect for usable item? Like this: You use item and your strength or multiple stats permanently goes down to X?

[RMVX ACE] How to install free dlc?

Good day. Just today discovered that for RPG Maker VX Ace came free dlc - RPG Maker: Community Resource Pack. I wanted to install, but nothing happens. I know that all dlc installed in the program folder, in a folder dlc. I looked in the "Properties - dlc" in the steam, but there's nothing there. In the "Manage Projects" watched. There is also nothing.
What do I do?
Google Translate helped me write this post :D

need help with the vx ace formulae

Hi. Please help, to understand the calculation formulas in rpg maker vx ace. I have seen tutorial from fоmаr, but is not really understood, if honestly. Help me to understand.
P.S. I hope you can understand, that I had in mind ...

no sound in smbx

Need help: in smbx no sound. No music, no effects. OS - Windows 7 Home Premium. What do I do?
P. S. I hope that I have created a topic in the proper section of the forum.

Have a small question

I'm from Russia and I have a small problem with English. To avoid mistakes and misunderstandings, I ask: can I use the native language (Russian), to ask questions and answer them? I tried to use google-translator, but he makes more mistakes. Will see my messages to other users?

[Request] Creating animations in database

Need tutorial about creating animations in database. Can anyone explain it to me with screenshots? I apologize for such a stupid question, I just have not learned how to create them. ^^


Hi all. Finally decided to register on the same site in order to be able to ask questions about the necessary things. I'm not a novice in RPGMaker. Screenwriter. Very pleased with all acquainted.
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