Short games, yay or nay?

I have been thinking lately, I always try to make long RPG's, like 10 hours long or more, and I know it's a LOT of work. When I felt I wanted to do something that required less work (mostly due to not enough free time) I thought about making a simpler game but not shorter, like using RTP, or resources from other games, instead of making everything on my own (which is what I usually do).
But lately I've been thinking about making shorter RPG's, game that should take 2 hours to finish, telling a short story, noy always having to save the world, like in movies, where only in 2-3 hours you tell a story, that's my idea.
I know short games work nice, but I haven't seen many short RPG's most people aim to make long, commercial-like games, but I definitely don't have enough work for that.
Would you play a short RPG? Or do you feel that the genre is made for longer games and that in 2 hours you can't really tell a story?

How much to charge for videogame music?

I got my music diploma a few months ago, so now I'm a professional musician, recently I contacted a videogame company in my country (it's a new and small company) and they asked me to give them an estimated cost of my services as a musician, the problem is that I have absolutely no idea how much to charge for this, we're talking about 5 themes that last around 30-60secs and around 30 sound effects.
I've never actually charged for this type of work before, so I'm just wondering if anyone in here has any idea how much I should charge for that.
Thanks in advance!

New game in the works, need some advice about the software.

Hey guys, just wanted to tell you that I'll start working on some simple and short RPG in the style of the early Dagon warriors or final fantasy for the NES, but I would like your opinion on which program to use, mainly rmxp and rmvx, I just started doing the tilesets (originals) in VX, but it's a pain in the ass, xp has it much easier, since you can have as many of them and whatever size you want, in vx you HAVE to follow certain guides, like water goes here etc... so I think to use xp, but vx being more recent I guess has some things that work better than xp, although I don't know if for this kind of game it has any use.... what's your opinion? :S

Slippery ice?

I'm using rpg maker 2003, and I'm currently making an ice cave dungeon but I can't get of a simple way to make slippery ice.
I want it that when you step on ice, it starts moving you in the direction you're facing, untill you are out of the ice again.
The way I have in mind is to have an invisible event on the ice border that turns on the "ice" switch. and have another event on parallel process check whenever the switch is on, to move constantly in the direction you're facing. but the problem is to turn it off, because I would need another invisible event in the ice border that turns the switch off, but when you move to a tile by event, instead of by manually getting there, the touch events don't work, therefore the switch gets never turned off, and you keep on slipping forever...
Is that a relatively simple way of doing this, that doesn't involve making separate events for all the possible conbinations or directions and amount of tiles to move?
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