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HELLION Testing Notes by Craze
+Good -Bad =Neutral or Comment


TIME: 12:31

=Installed font.
=I hate papyrus but I like the new font.
-You can open the menu when you are selecting.
-Stats stay on the screen after you've chosen "no"
-"The animagus is a fierce fight[ER]"
=Selected Warlock
=Is +1 DEF for 1 point worth it? Or +1 HP?
=Rasp's description sounds weird.
=Purchased Darkbolt. I'm going to get Turn Undead next.
=Improved Decipher, Detection and Forage.
+Intro is creepy!
=Welcome to Salidar, Vincent.
+Stamina is very streamlined. Nice.
-Died against a single Pixie in the overworld.
=DEATH (see previous entry)
-The period is cut off on Reia's line "something for me"
+Awesome, the <9> key works like in HR.
-Warden: "...inta any trouble, ya [HEAR]?"
-Bashed the door in the jail and died.
=It would be great if you auto-ran in the village, where there isn't any danger.
-"To open inventory chests, press 9[need a period]"
-You can save, then pickpocket. At least make this annoying or something by having a save crystal/king/leader only.
+Using a rainbow seed on Vincent! I'm pretty sure that I'm never ever going to waste points on the stat+ skills now.
-"I will trade valuable items for them[need a period]"
= +1 Allanon.
= +1 Cristo.
+ "Your excessive holiness offends me!" is amusing.
+ "I've got the dirt on everybody in this village."
+ "You are naked as the day you were born."
+ "As a donation blah blah, increase yo[UR] alignment" (cut-off text)
= +25 HP at the fountain?!?!? That's crazy!
-I now have 1HP from the poisoned blacksmith's water and 5 less gold than the cost of the inn. This sucks. I sold a Psyslap scroll. =P
= Why can't Cristo equip a sword?! He is carrying one!
-"It is a mere[need a space]25 Gold"
+Hide is cool!

=BREAK at 1:07; TOTAL TIME 36min

=CONTINUE at 4:45

-Faces aren't even - this looks really bad in menus. Center them in their 'faceset' space!
="Hireling" is fine, I suppose, but it'd look better if Class and Title were reversed.
=Purchased Sap and put points into Persuade and Forage.
=Darkbolt did 104dmg to the Healie!
-Drakie's charset is messed up. It flies around like a crab walks.
=It'd be cool if a sound played when it tells you "an x has been added to your inventory."
+Oh wow, Detection is awesome. Of course, I can't actually DO ANYTHING about this trap on the ground at my level, but it's still cool!
=I damage the contents of the chest. :<
-"Found 12[need a space]gold"
-I'm getting tons of loot, but my party can't equip anything! I need to get a warrior.
=Darkbolt owned that Pixie. It's a pretty good spell, I'd say!
-I have five treasure equipments and four equipped items TOTAL on my characters. Only one of these items was loot (Pixie Cloak, I thik). WHY CAN'T CRISTO WIELD A SWORD? Also, show some love for mages please.
+Runelocked door? Incredible. I can open this without hurting myself!
+Nice, deciphered three scrolls. Also, I love the <9> and <7> keys.
=Heh. Two of them were Resurrect Scrolls!

=BREAK at 5:03

=CONTINUED at 5:09

+Nice, a lot of gold in the pot by the pool + statue!
=I have no idea how the detection of hidden passages works, but that's swell.
=Damn it, I just destroyed the contents of the LOCKED and TRAPPED chest, which means that I just missed out on something awesome.
+I love the RMN homepage's random screenshots.
=This first level is really easy, battle-wise. I think that enemies could stand to have 150% HP. I've taken more damage from Bashing because I can kill off enemies before they hit me!
-Oh look, another shield I can't equip. This is annoying.
-Exploration is fun and rewarding, battles are useless. They have little reward compared to the gold pots and aren't interesting enough yet. Let's hope this improves later on.
=Slimes are doing no damage to L2 Allanon. Huh?
-Oh look. I just got four pieces of equipment in this room. OH LOOK, MY PARTY CAN ONLY EQUIP ONE OF THEM.
-Having Small [M]edals in front of my healing herbs is annoying as Hell.
+Oh noes! Pixie Mage is a refreshing challenge! And then Cristo was put to sleep as I was about to run away after Vincent and Allanon died. Haha. Excellent. =D
=DEATH (see previous entry)
=Purchased Weak and put points into Persuade, Stamina and Detection
-Cursor doesn't fit on Rasp's symbol.
=Beat the boss fight and got the Signet.
=FINALLY. I got two armors and I can equip both!
+Made it to level two! But I'm running back to town.
+Put my Sword, Sturdy Kite Shield and Strong Chain Mail on Lars, who I got for half price. Grr. I have a Maul of Defense, but the kite shield is +10 AGL - I like that!
+Reia is one creepy little girl.
-You can 'run' in the skill/ability menus. :<
=Purchased Turn Undead and put points into Forage and Decipher.

=BREAK at 5:50; TOTAL TIME: ~1.5h

=CONTINUED at 7:25

=DEATH when exploring the overworld; skeleton king + 3 skeletons
-If you're running when you drop down the well and press  as you are falling, you can walk on all tiles and the player stops animating.
-I can walk all over town, too!
=Dropping down the well again (without breaking anything) fixes the problem.
=I'm finding it hard to open chests without damaging anything. I know that I should just put some points into safer Bashing or even Lockpicking, but you can't put everything everywhere!
+My warlock hero now has Light Plate of Evade. =D
+I like that four-entrance switch on the second floor. I was safely able to decipher the runelock and detect the secret passage!
-The problem with the ability/skill menus are that you can reset rock puzzles and move enemies farther away from you with them. I'm being an honest tester, but perhaps think about forcing them to only be used in town?
=Is "Revan" a typo or a joke or what?
+Vine Totem is great.
-I've been keeping Forage the same as my actual level but I still suck at it. :<
=Why would you get Bone Armor when Turn Undead is better/cheaper?
=Level 5. I"m saving up points for Poison Nova and used 4/5 ability points to boost Forage and Lockpicking.
-When you bash the wall in the left part of the second level (to get into the disco library), if you take damage it says that the damage source is a lock.
=The demonant map sprite looks like Reia. =P
+Put the Fullstat on Lars. =D
+Switches hit! Stairs opened! Fun. =D

=BREAK at 8:14; TOTAL TIME ~2.5h