i bet she's a diva with a potion popping problem
a wolf can eat the equivalent of 100 hamburgers in one sitting

who needs PLOT whe nyou ahve GAY PEOPLE
Ashes of Roses
A Sci-Fi thriller about exorcists, Shakespeare, and a hunk with a slasher smile.



KO Cupid

Thanks for the continued comments, unity!!

Yeah, I think I'm gonna stick with this one for now. I already did a few more maps and have planned out the next five levels of quests. the big block right now is that i'm working at a camp in the middle of the woods so no progress for three weeks... but i'll get back to it after!

and yeah, some people are steamy... some will become steamy XD

thanks again for the inspiring comments. at least for you, it's checked off the things I wanted to check off (fun characters, ability to "idle"/grind optionally, goofy romance).

KO Cupid

Been playing the Rainbow build for the last two or so hours, and I absolutely love it! The characters are all charming and funny (Juneau is my fav) and I can't wait to take them on dates, the quest-based progression is a lot of fun, and the battle abilities are varied and make you want to try out all the characters' skills :DDDD

i was worried people might dislike juneau since she starts off as kind of a bully... she's more self-aware than she lets on though, and i hope her development through the actual main story (of which there's basically none in-game now lol) keeps her likeable instead of going flat.

A ton of awesome ideas here, like dating characters to raise level caps. Also a lot of cool polish, like dialog displayed at the top of the screen during battle and fun scenes you get sometimes when resting for the night.

thanks! those parts are my favorite to make, soo... works out well

Only thing I don't like is that the skip text button is mapped to the same button as dash, which means sometimes I skip text that I wanted to read (and I don't wanna miss any of the character's witty quips).

yeah this plagued libby at least once too. i'll add some menu options and change the default.

PS: The "cute" and "sexy" modes were an awesome idea, letting things get steamy if you want or just staying cute (tho I haven't gotten to the dates yet so I don't know how exactly it works out, but I'm looking forward to seeing). Gotta remember that idea for some of my future game ideas if I ever decide to make something more sexy that usual XD

heh heh... but yeah ultimately the game is meant to be "grindy guild game" than romance sim, especially since (spoilers? lol?) the end results for Kacey and Juneau are story-related and canon.... though i think the first dates set that up pretty clearly anyway (i mean, erina's straight, for one.) so yeah, i didn't wanna force the naughty bits on anybody who just wanted a goofy guild game.


These are all words that worry me when I hear about a new partner

A Rainbow of Positivity

not sure why libby hasn't advertised this but! she's streamed all the games and the vods are up on youtube.

Screenshot Survival 20XX

took the stock/messy boxes idea. i didn't wanna run down the actually building that much more but i did grime things up a slight touch more.

Screenshot Survival 20XX

Benediction Supplies is a charity shop where the refurbished gear of fallen soldiers gets sold and the proceeds help those affected by the recent war. It's meant to be a bit run down and creepy, but right now it's just kinda... boring.

Any suggestions on deadening it up without being SUPER run-down? It's meant to at least pretend to have class, but Hortensia is overworked running it and doesn't really give a shit. She already has to man both sides of the counters!

What Defines Grinding

i read about half of this one day, closed it without having any coherent thought to add, then opened it again today to see Wine & Roses mentioned. yay darken!

i don't like grinding. i'm currently making a game with an emphasis on hitting gold and xp targets, but trying to make enough content where the grind will only exist if you choose -- but that it will also definitely be rewarding. a few things i'm doing:

1) to raise each guild member's level cap by 5-10-15-20, you must max their xp and then go on a date with them. this is also when they learn new abilities, making it a marked and dramatic increase in power. and, because it's more story, i expect a lot of players will be excited to hit the next threshold.

2) in dungeons, everything is one-and-done. however, there's only a few dungeons. most area are repeatable "monster zones" that offer a KILL KOUNT. every fight you complete in a row raises your xp, gold, and drop rates by 10% while also encouraging more and stronger enemies to spawn.

3) also, you can only get the rarest monsters to appear by hitting high kill kounts, which can be pretty difficult due to limited Energy (MP) and consumables. (you don't buy consumables, they refill up to a cap when you rest. again, limiting grinding-per-session to support better tacticz.) BUT, killing those rare monsters ALWAYS drops a trophy that can be turned in to the local hunting lodge -- rack up Hunting Score to get unique and powerful gear!

4) trying to create enough quest content to push story motivations for getting enough experience in the field, literally and figuratively. worldbuilding ho!

okay bye

Abrupt Ending Party

Thanks and good abruptness!

A Rainbow of Positivity

wee. download will probably be up before 3ish est tomorrow.

A Rainbow of Positivity

I have the basic demo set up the way I want it... not as much as I had originally hoped, only about 40 minutes long when I top-to-tail it. Got distracted by Shadowbringers and cute boys irl. OOPS

gonna spend today and tomorrow adding a bit more content but mostly improving what's there. the shop will still be a fucking mess though probably, sorry libby ;V