I'm bored, can we insult each other for a while?

Liberty how are you even still a mod


I'm bored, can we insult each other for a while?

author=Liberty heart ain't in it...

I hear ya, a former Marine should have better material. I have shamed myself and my Corps. I deserve a good spit roasting.

I'm bored, can we insult each other for a while?

OK, you fuckwits have lost your minds. On one side we have a crown wearing mongoloid that wants to literally get word fucked, and another cum stain that should have ended up as a batch of knuckle babies that can't even take the two seconds it would take to find out if someone is insulting him. And this other pleb, don't get me started. House, as his avatar, you're cool we get it. You don't care what others think- awesome! Go back to licking that seeping wound that tries to pass itself off as a 5 cent vagina and just quit while you're ahead.

(I needed that, sorry I'm stuck at work tonight.)

[RMVX] [RMXP] [RM2K3] What are your thoughts of streaming games from the community?

Don't care about getting a ton of views as the other games I stream on Twitch get the views, this would be to showcase some of the great content people work their butts off on around here on.

Fourth (and possibly 5th, 6th, 7th...) spatial dimenson -- NOT TIME

It's an interesting plot device, make it happen!

We can't really interact with any dimensions except our three, so asking whether a fourth dimension exists is kinda like asking if a god exists, but if you work out these manifestations as seems in 3D from 4D objects overlapping in our space well, I'm sure you can make it work! They'd be breaking causality and probably entropy laws, but who cares?

The way time would work in your scenario is much like you said. All the 3D universes would share their ct-axis in their respective Minkowskian spaces, so moving forward in time in one universe would make the other universes move forward in time as well. But be careful with causality. Because of the displacement in w-direction, as you've called it, it will be nigh impossible for different universes to interact with one another in any way, because mater or forces don't move in the w-direction. The only exception to this would be your seems where the universes meet. You could have the main character travel from universe to universe. taking items along with them for quests in other universes, but you can't have them change anything in one universe while being in another.

A wise man once said (and i mean this for total comedic effect, no offence bud) , " Fuck you, what?"

Fourth (and possibly 5th, 6th, 7th...) spatial dimenson -- NOT TIME

I'm glad I was able to throw that fuckery at someone else. Now that I've watch it while in a normal state of mind, it still doesn't make any god damn sense...

Fourth (and possibly 5th, 6th, 7th...) spatial dimenson -- NOT TIME

Just let me leave this here. I made the mistake of watching this with my father while jacked up on some heavy pain killers post surgery... ENJOY!

[RMVX] [RMXP] [RM2K3] What are your thoughts of streaming games from the community?

Question is the same as the subject. I love to stream all types of stuff and I feel as thought the content here has been untapped and most of the RPG Maker stuff I see are people working on projects or Japanese games being played. So I ask you guys, what do you think of the games here being streamed?

Any character's death = game over

Instead of the characters dying when dropping to 0, they could enter a mortally wounded state where unable to fight or at a limited capacity. When mortally wounded, a second life bar quickly depletes(like a time limit). Once that reaches 0, the character is truly dead and you may proceed to a Game Over.

Now, this may sound similar to the normal K.O.-state in RPGs, but it can still lead to a Game Over if one character dies. The life bar(LP instead of HP) makes it more forgiving. The wounded state should at least catch your immediate attention and not make a character getting wiped too suddenly.

This system kind of sounds like what Square used in Final Fantasy Tactics when a character was KO'd but had a few turns to be resurrected before they disappeared. But this sounds more like the Stress System that is the major feature of Darkest Dungeon. Both of which are wonderful mechanics.

Making an RPG With Very Few "Safe" Areas

I don't have any problems with a lack of safe areas. If all you have are save rooms (think Resident Evil) with nice, calming music, then that should provide more than enough respite. These areas don't necessarily need to be save-points if you're using a save-anywhere approach, they could be the areas were you stock-up on supplies as you mentioned. Perhaps little vending machine kiosks or something like that (these are pretty popular in parts of Europe; literally tiny shops that only contain vending machines).

If you really want a mechanic for providing safety, or to provide the player with more of a chance to explore freely, then perhaps each area could have a mini-boss(es) lurking around, and killing the mini-boss(es) could reduce encounter rate. You could explain this as other enemies in the area becoming scared of the player?

I'm glad that someone else's thread gave me an idea.

But yeah, safe areas done like this would be a great idea, a nice mental break, hell it could even lead to a scene were you can flip the script and make it so not all those "safe rooms" where not guaranteed to be safe. Keep the player on their back foot!
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