[RMVX] [RMXP] [RM2K3] What are your thoughts of streaming games from the community?

Question is the same as the subject. I love to stream all types of stuff and I feel as thought the content here has been untapped and most of the RPG Maker stuff I see are people working on projects or Japanese games being played. So I ask you guys, what do you think of the games here being streamed?

[RM2K3] Full game or Episodes?

Now this seems a bit lazy on my part, but as a new developer, doing small bits and pieces of a story that builds on itself to keep myself from burning out seems the best way to go.

If I was to stick to working on a long and drawn out development I feel what ever I would develop would take a huge hit.

What do you guys think? Are episodes the way to go with a new developer to gain their "sea legs" so to say? Or just right in an go for a more normal gaming experience?

Just wanted to say HI!

Just wanted to say hi and that I'm already so impressed by the community here it's not even funny. First day being around I already had people throwing knowledge my way. I'm excited to be here and hopefully this project I'm working on will be what I expect, but hey, can't always make award winners your first time out can you?

Do Mugen sprites work

I was wondering if Mugen fighter sprites worked in XP or 2K3 as battle sprites? I'm much better off editing larger models than I am with smaller sized characters. Yes, I know it doesn't make sense but I feel as though I have better sense of detail with something that is bigger. Also, the Mugen fighters already have their combat animations down. All I need to do is get permission to edit. Anyone have any advice? Please advise.
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