Hey there Im CryoCloud. I give you all free games.
I love to make games and entertain people. Enjoy.
A short Adventure Comedy game about a vampire and a bat. Amazing Atmosphere!-Shayoko



Azenite: Worlds Collide

Why did it get canceled ? thats too bad :( seemed like a good game ;)

Profile Name and a New Monster Trainer Game [RMVX ACE]

Hey everyone.

I recently came up with a new and better studio name for myself and my games.
Im just wondering is there any way at all to change my profile name to this new
name without having to make a brand new profile ?

Maybe a dumb question but I would hate to make a new one if I can avoid it.

Also im very psyched about my new project.Already made quite a bit.
Demo of it will be available pretty soon.

Title: Shungi by CryoCloud ---> The name I want to switch with my profile.
Features in my game:
*Upgrade your House and Monster Ranch with furnitures and facility's
*Coomplete repeatable dungeons and collect coins.
*Find Gathering Spots on world map with random item loot.
*Relationship system with the house shop owner.
*Hatching/Training of your very own monsters.
*Collect Monster Egg's in dungeons.
*Collect a daily bonus from one of the npc's in town.
*Everything is tweaked in photoshop with the use of layers.
*Modified graphics to fit my game and its style.
*Vibrant village with lots of different events as you go.
*Some minigames and some puzzles in dungeons.
*4 different Islands to explore with a ship.
*Countdown timers on Training and Hatching.

Would also love to have some feedback from you guys on what you think of my project idea and if you have any ideas for me. Im open for everything.

Cheers =)

Stat Allocation System

Wow you really did ! :) Thats amazing. Im so happy right now :) This script will rock my world ;) hehe. Then I can basically make a training event possible for every monster in my game. no matter how many ! Wow your script is amazing. Thank you for your help and your amazing scripts :)

And thanks btw for teaching me more about variable knowledge. You realle made me understand the whole concept of variables :) Its the only thing in rpgmaker I struggled with :)

RGSS3 – Scene Bonus Ex

I just love this script getting it to respond to real time computer clock thats amazing man ! =D

And this just fits my game so perfectly. Thank you so much for this and your good work :)

There is just one thing I need to ask you about the script. In my game Im not using weapons and armors coz the main focus of it is the training,hatching and breeding of monsters. It will be like a monster trainer game :) So I only use Coins and Items to make progress in the game.

Is there a way for me to completely remove armors and weapons from the script without corrupting it ? That would be so amazing coz this script is a godsent ! :D

I would also love to get the weapons and armor category removed from
the menu, but im not sure how to do that. Any help with the script and the menu issue would be so much appreciated =)

Love your scripts btw ! :) Just needed to say it. use them often, your scripts are very GOOD ;)

Stat Allocation System

I try to describe my issue better.

For example. I atm have 3 monsters in my pty list. In my game you will be able to train them all for a specific coin amount.

If the script Id variable is set to that 1st monster. Ok then I can train that 1 monster lets say Slime monster. What if I want to train the other monster which is for example a Bat monster, How do I set up the stat allacation on the bat monster if the script is locked to the slime monster ID ? :)

Is it even possible? if no thank you so much for your help anyway :)
And thanks for the fast response :D

Soulpour – Reputation System Orpheus

I absolutely love this =) just what I needed for my project !! :D

Is is it possible though to use this system on multiple characters like shop owners with different graphics and variables on each one. How do I do that ?

At the moment I only figured out how to use the script system on just 1 character. what do I do to use it on other more shop owners ingame ? Is there a way to change variable and graphics on the script in game events coz that would solve my problem :)

This is amazing :) If I just could use it on more than just 1 character. It might be im stupid and overlooking something though xD

Appreciate all the help you can give me :D

Stat Allocation System

Hmm sounds cool :) Im currently making a monster hatching/breeding/Training game.

I bet I can use this :) But only thing im wondering could I use the stat allocation system with other monsters in the party list or is it only locked to 1 actor, 1 variable ? My game is going to contain several monsters and you will be able to train all of them. is this possible with this script ? if so how do I get it to change variable for each monster who is going to be trained ?

I appreciate your work and your feedback on this :)

Azenite: Worlds Collide

Wow what a cool concept mate :) I will follow this. The screenshots looks amazing and the plot is very interesting =) *subbed*

Thyden Design and Animations Test (the video)

Looking very good my friend =)I bet this game will be very enjoyable when your done ! Thumbs up ;)

Final Fantasy Discovery: Release Something Day 2015

This game seems really awesome. Looks very good. Im a BIG FF fan so this really intrigues me. =) Cant wait to play this game !

Keep up the good work mate. Looking forward to play ;)

I can agree that the mountains look a little bit too cartoony.
But all the rest, gameplay , characters , events etc was simply amazing ! :)
Thumbs up and keep up the good work m8 =)