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Profile Name and a New Monster Trainer Game [RMVX ACE]

Hey everyone.

I recently came up with a new and better studio name for myself and my games.
Im just wondering is there any way at all to change my profile name to this new
name without having to make a brand new profile ?

Maybe a dumb question but I would hate to make a new one if I can avoid it.

Also im very psyched about my new project.Already made quite a bit.
Demo of it will be available pretty soon.

Title: Shungi by CryoCloud ---> The name I want to switch with my profile.
Features in my game:
*Upgrade your House and Monster Ranch with furnitures and facility's
*Coomplete repeatable dungeons and collect coins.
*Find Gathering Spots on world map with random item loot.
*Relationship system with the house shop owner.
*Hatching/Training of your very own monsters.
*Collect Monster Egg's in dungeons.
*Collect a daily bonus from one of the npc's in town.
*Everything is tweaked in photoshop with the use of layers.
*Modified graphics to fit my game and its style.
*Vibrant village with lots of different events as you go.
*Some minigames and some puzzles in dungeons.
*4 different Islands to explore with a ship.
*Countdown timers on Training and Hatching.

Would also love to have some feedback from you guys on what you think of my project idea and if you have any ideas for me. Im open for everything.

Cheers =)
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