Which game was the biggest disappointement for you?

That said, I do enjoy exploration-based games sometimes. But when combat is fun, I often just want to skip the exploration. For that matter, when exploration is fun, I generally just want to skip the combat! I just want the less fun parts of the game removed, I guess. And I've never particularly loved town and dungeon exploration in JRPGs unless it has puzzles, so I thought removing it was a cool change.

Wow, never thought I'd see someone with a similar mindset to RPGs. Frankly, Final Fantasy has often half-assed town and dungeon romping (save for XII), so if they weren't going to do it right, don't include it all. Looks like they did. I often find town exploration unfulfilling and needless if the townspeople aren't anything more than one-paragraph dialogue drones who stay in one place and if the architecture/structure of the towns aren't interesting. In 90% of RPGs, this is unfortunately the case.

Same goes for dungeons. If they're boring aesthetically and mechanically (can range from battles inside the dungeon to *good* puzzles or interactivity with the scenery), it's a chore to explore.

Greatest Games You've Played

Super Mario World
One of my first games, and certainly my first Mario game. The greatest platformer ever, imo.

Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars
Super Mario RPG introduced me to RPGs and I fell in love with them. This is the game that kickstarted my RPG craze. Great game.

Chrono Cross
I may be in the minority, but Chrono Cross is my favorite Chrono game and possibly one of the greatest RPGs I've ever played.

Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
The greatest Zelda game I've ever played and one of my Top 3 games of all time. It was just delightful, weird, and awesome.

Legend of Mana
The first Mana game I ever played and among my Top 3. The sheer amount of replay value and the great storylines/characters make it one of the greatest I've ever played.

Final Fantasy IX
While FFVII was the first Final Fantasy I played, FFIX really affirmed my love for the series. I loved everything about this game.

Final Fantasy IV
IMO, the greatest of the old school FFs.

Final Fantasy XII
Great and challenging battles, massive areas, plenty of stuff to do. This is my favorite Final Fantasy post-PS1 era, and probably will remain so for a long time. It had everything I wanted in a RPG game and more.

Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King
I'm not ashamed to say that this was my first foray into the Dragon Quest games. I'm glad it was, because it's also my favorite and the very game that made me love the DQ games. Because of this game, I have played IV, V, VI, and IX. Need to play the other ones.

Mass Effect
The first Bioware RPG I played and certainly the one that introduced me into the wider subgenre of WRPGs. Even with Mass Effect 2 released, I still love Mass Effect more and I consider it one of the greatest games I've played.

Awesome gameplay and challenging puzzles (which actually made me want to play, unlike most puzzles which deter me) made for one hell of a great experience.

Radiant Historia (Best jRPG)

I already have and love it, but this is good advertisement for the game nonetheless.

Also, welcome back.

Sex in games

Well, since 2 out of 3 replies are "I don't care", let's put it this way.
Games are clearly touchy about having sex in them. Do you (Max and Crimson and whoever else) consider yourself an exception on not caring? Do you think people care? If not, why there's no sex?

The conundrum is how do you present it to the player? Will it be interactive, like violence is so readily in video games, or will it be non-interactive? Many seem to treat it as some sort of colossal joke and many will question the creator's intent when it's included, just to gauge how seriously he/she was approaching the subject matter. That does not seem to happen very often when it's violence, unless it's incredibly over the top or all over the news.

You know, to be perfectly honest with you, I'm not even sure how to approach the act in a video game. I assume you are talking about the actual act of sex, correct? Wow, it's very telling when video games have so easily ingrained violence upon the gaming populace, but the act of sex (in gaming culture, anyway) is so alien that it's damn near impossible to tell you the gameplay implications of it, as well as the presentation, approach, and care into making it something meaningful and significant to the game and not just a throwaway device.

I know God of War handled it like a joke, that's for sure. Some QTE crap (the crude/boring you alluded to). The same with Saints Row, which just doesn't show you anything anyway, so there's no point in discussing it (the obscure/implicit). These games, as fun as they are, handle sex with the same care they handle violence, not that I want to be treated to an anvilicious seminar about the morals (or lack thereof) of violence and sex, mind you.

I don't know. You got me. It would seem that people seem to care, since it is so rare and belongs only in the realm of obscure Japanese and indie PC games (which probably handle it very poorly). As for me, it's not something I'm against or for. If it detracts from the video game experience, it's not needed. If it adds to the experience, I see no reason why it should be discarded just because it's unfamiliar.

I guess I do care to some degree, but only to the extent of "how does this add to the game as a whole?" If I'm going to play something that includes sex, either do it justice or don't include it at all, know what I'm saying?

Sex in games

author=Max McGee
I have no problem with it. I don't think it's innately a virtue. I don't think it's innately bad, either. I don't think it's something that automatically adds depth or cultural value, nor do I think it's something that's a taboo.

Really, I don't care. As long as whatever sexual content there is is appropriate to the game in question, it's no skin off of my back. As long as it's not added as a gimmick or a draw, which would of course just cheapen the game, I don't care if it's included or not. I'm less of a prude than some people on here, and less of a libertine than others.

Of course, games that are overwhelmingly composed of sex or about sex are just pornography. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

This is basically how I feel about it in a nutshell.

What RMN game are you playing now?

Generica: The Next Generation in preparation for a review. That and I've been meaning to play it for the longest anyway.

No-Star Reviews: I did, and you can too!

I don't really enjoy assigning arbitrary numbers at the end of text. I find that many people have a difficult time just matching up their numbers with the text they are assigned to. I'd probably have a difficult time as well, because from most of the reviews I've read, text and rating almost never match. It's why I've decided to forgo that and just list pros and cons instead.

No-Star Reviews: I did, and you can too!

I'm going to give Golden Age: Endless Dungeon, Bipo: Mystery of the Red Panda, Generica: The Next Generation, Alice In Underground, and Lucid Dream: Night One Amnesia a spin. However, since I do not rate any of the games I review, I'm not sure how I will be helping in this endeavor. They need a review, however, so I will provide 'em with one. Wish me luck!

EDIT: Never mind, Alice and Bipo lead me to dead links. The rest I will do.

PS3 vs 360

I'm a PS360WiiDS guy myself. I love all 3 consoles (and my DS), though the one I play the most is my 360.