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Silver Night's Crusaders
Action Platformer set in an obscure medieval age (or another Castlevania fangame, obviously xd).



Silver Night's Crusaders

Complete version released! Enjoy xd: Download link

Neon Lightning Force

Oh, sorry I updated the game on february but, I forgot completely to update the link here, now is fixed.

Neon Lightning Force

Thanks for the feedback :D.
The game had another bug that shows "Scene 5" at the beginning of Stage 1 x.x
Now is fixed.

Neon Lightning Force

Official English version released!! :D

English translation help x.x

Still need help with this? Also, if the font's too big, maybe choose something else.

If Dyhalto can do this job, I don't think I need any more help (maybe for my next game). I would like to change the font but Openbor require indexed graphics to run, other fonts gives me antiliasing when I resize them, Arcade font was pixelated so is the ideal. Thanks.

The fastest way to do this is if you take all the game's text, throw it into a Word doc and send it to me. If I have to change an entire sentence structure, I'll try to at least keep it within a similar length of the old one.

Ok, I'm going to do that, soon I'll send you the text.

English translation help x.x

I think I can help with this. Do you have the game's dialogue in a word file that you can send over?...

Hi, thanks, the cutscenes in OpenBOR are generally animated gif (the editor don't have "textbox" by default), so I have the dialogues in PSD files (don't worry they aren't rasterized, so you could change it just typing).

Note that the Arcade font is too big for the textbox, so you need to write short words if you have to change something (same issue I had on spanish version xd).

...Or do you just want me to download, play it as it is now, and make notes as I see them?

You can make notes too, In that case I just send you the animated gif cutscenes, so you see them, make the necessary corrections and send me screenshots where I have to change.

Neon Lightning Force

What makes the other OpenBOR games better is that they add street fighter like moves(down,forward punch and down,up punch).

I think I showed that in the game trailer, also in some videos on the media section of the game page, in fact, the game is almost "imposible" to beat if you don't master the special moves.

I think the problem is that I don't use the classic arcade button configuration(?) in the game (also the "how to play" section is in spanish and my terrible skills for doing tutorials don't cooperate at all x.x), so the "down,forward punch" is a "down, down, punch" and the "down,up punch" is a "up, up, punch" I find easy to do a special moves that way (I'm terrible at Street Fighter, when I trying to do a Hadouken I get a Shoryuken xd).

Neon Lightning Force

Wow... I think is because the bandwitch of my host, so strange because I bought the unlimited plan x.x. Anyways I have edited the download link to a mediafire for those who has trouble with adfly and other network errors x.x.

Thanks to everyone for the feedback :D, that encourage me to publish an english version (which I have ready from the last year) but i still have some trouble with it (grammar x.x).

Checking out Neon Lightning Force!

Wow, thanks I'm glad you like it :D . I just finish doing the english version of the game for the story, the problem is that I need some help with grammar before release it but most of the intro can be found in the game description on it's page. I'm also setting the hitbox of characters for more precise combos.

Let's work on your game descriptions!

Happy to help!

As for your query, I don't think it's entirely necessary to mention Neopolis twice in the second paragraph. Maybe more like...
...that. Also-also, if the game has an official website, it may behoove you to direct people to it via the gamepage, and for people who visit that site to be directed to the gamepage here (once it gets approved). What you could do is insert a small blurb about the way the game plays, or what kinds of things players can expect from it (a feature list?), then insert a link to that website.

Or some-such.

Yeah thanks :D, The game was completed the last year. I hope to get approve now, I have very few time to edit a post x.x, so I only added some videos and images, but if the game likes to users I will add more information soon.
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