XP battle even timing

Battle events in XP set to "Turn" triggers after commands have been selected, but before they are carried out. This is the worst possible time for them to trigger since that means the player can't react to what happens. Is there a way to change when they run? Either before commands are selected or after all actions are carried out would be great.

RMXP random target

Is there a way to make enemies choose a target when they are about to carry out their actions instead of on the beginning of the turn? I want some actions to make characters more or less likely to be attacked, but I need the effect to take place immediately rather than a turn later. I have no scripts installed yet.

Event Touch problem in VX

Event Touch doesn't seem to trigger in VX when the Through flag is checked. This prevents flying encounters from working correctly. How can I get them to trigger?

Ideally I want it to work like in XP, which basically means they do trigger when they hit the player.

Showing hitrate and evasion

I need Hitrate and Evasion to be visible in the status screen and in the equipment screen. I'm using VX and Yanfly.

Some more information. The status screen lists stats in the following order: ATK, DEF, SPI, AGI, RES and DEX. First of all I would like AGI and RES to swap places since that seems to make more sense to me. Then I want DEX to be replaces with Hitrate, called ACC, and below that I want EVA to be displayed.

The equipment screen lists DEX and AGI at the bottom. I want DEX to be replaced by Hitrate (again ACC) and have EVA added and displayed between ACC and AGI. If it's to much trouble to fit an extra stat into the box without making it look bad, kill AGI to make room for EVA.

While I'm at it, is there a way to manipulate the accuracy of status effects a skill has? An enemy with a D rating has a 40% chance of getting inflicted with the status effect in question. Is there a way to give a status effect say a 200% infliction rate so that the 40% becomes 80%? I know you can use elements for that in Yanfly, but this method has side effects when the status effect is attached to a skill which causes damage as well. This is not as important as displaying Hitrate and Evasion though.


I'm Crystalgate, male, 28.

Other than RPGs (which includes P&P RPGs), I'm interested in science and fantasy.

I tend to approach RPGs in a similar way as I approach science. Whenever I see a new mechanic or idea, I spend time looking into not only if it worked or not, but also why it worked or didn't work. This behavior sometimes extends to other genres. Chance is my posts are also going to focus on gameplay mechanics.
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