Okay, dunno when I'm going to continue, but here's another batch of bugs:

Tor Token
First Guy is invisible after he's beaten
Not sure if I'm intended to walk on the prison toilet

Cheesed Black Knight 2 so hard he couldn't act, but I've really maxed out my ATB manipulation
Mali's beastiary entry is missing an image

Some White Mask event triggers remain even after beating the boss.
I have, yet again, found a hilarious way to softlock myself. I pulled out a raft in fremeni's drinking water, and now I can't get out. Already loaded up a previous file.

Blocking a poison attack while poisoned may remove poison. Need to see that again to confirm.

Not actually bugs
Challenge Tower is pretty slow. I suggest an alternate condition/restriction that, if completed, let's you jump 3-5 floors (You don't get extra sampling materials).


UPDATE: DocSpacebar resolved the issue with my savefile, and it won't be happening to anyone else anytime soon.

Game's looking good!


Yes, actually. Pretty sure I ate another apple sometime in the first half of the forruno section.

About the only other unusual thing I can think of is:
>some monsters were phasing through walls to fight me
>I spent a looooooong time on that reversi puzzle(im bad at rubix cubes). Maybe I overflowed an integer somehow.

EDIT: I messed around with the save files a bit.
>Deleting config does not solve the issue
>deleting global.rpgsave DOES solve the issue, but kind of deletes my progress

So I'm guessing that either something's wrong with global.rpgsave, or ONE/SOME of my save files are borked, and I just need to delete the right one.

EDIT EDIT: Deleting all Forruno Tower files fixed the issue. That's not a HUGE deal, I only lost progress on that dungeon and the little secret something in the back of the snowy place, but I get the feeling that I'm just going to unknowingly trigger the bug again.


Oh wow. Uhh, this is kinda urgent. Major issues with the forruno tower.

Can't access my inventory at all. This would actually be workable, except it looks like the boss can oneshot Garret through block. I can't eat anything to compensate, and even if I did it seems like he's too slow to do anything other than block the whole fight anyway.

Also, the stairs of the boss map don't work.

Edit: it may have to do with me using page up/down to look at Garret's equipment, but even when I pull up a save from before I go to the tower, the inventory is still borked.


neat. Won't have time to really dig into it soon, but just a few things:

Low Road West entrance just after the stairs has an invisible barrel.

Garret mentions using Thunder magic....but I only see a healer, here.


Yes River, talk about justice every time you cut down a scorpion.


That edited one looks great!

RPG Maker Reviews

I could make a review for like, 3 games, but the next few weeks are not good days for that.

Lie of Caelum

Any FAQ cutting down on the lag? I've run a different MV game without problems, so maybe it's one or a couple plugins.

Is it rendering the whole map at all times? Because for all the in-your-face closeup zoom, it doesn't seem to run faster.

The dash stamina system is kinda annoying. Traveling through places with no combat or traps whatsoever gets bogged down.

Back from Hiatus + Update

oof, that's not an easy thing on the bank account. I can't really help you there, but if you need help with the script, give me a holler.
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