Beyond the Labyrinth

Obvious noob question: How do you save?

Using Enemy Attack Patterns

My game's villain a fairly complex AI. Partly because I am trying something else that should also be more common - enemies that are not damage sponges*.

Turn 1: (priority of 1)
  • Cast Blink (+50% EVA to user for the next 5 turns)

Turn 2+5x: (priority of 4)
  • Divine Protection (take half-damage for 4 turns; 33%)
  • Divine Retribution (return all damage for 4 turns; 33%)
  • Madness Field (light damage & confuse (50%), AE; 33%)

Turn 3+5x: (priority of 4)
  • Silence Field (light damage & mute, AE; 33%)
  • Blindness Field (light damage & blind, AE; 33%)
  • Madness Field (33%)

Turn 4+5x: (priority of 4)
  • Holy (moderate damage, ST; 33%)
  • Scathe (heavy damage, ST; 33%)
  • Madness Field (33%)

Turn 5+5x: (priority of 4)
  • Silence Field (33%)
  • Blindness Field (33%)
  • Madness Field (33%)

Turn 6+5x: (priority of 4)
  • Dispulsion Wave (remove all buffs from opposing group; 33%)
  • Mercy Kill (instant death on all opposing fighters afflicted with blind, mute, or confuse; 33%)
  • Madness Field (33%)

If player's party has state Wall (+100% MEV) active on anyone (done through switches): (priority of 7)
  • Shatter (dispel buffs + moderate damage, ST; 33%)
  • Mana Burn (convert target's MP into HP damage, ignores MEV, ST; 33%)
  • Comet (heavy random damage, ignores MEV, ST; 33%)

If target's ATK, DEF, MAT, MDF, AGI, or LUK are buffed (done through dummy states and switches): (priority of 7)
  • Reverse Polarity (invert buff levels for entire opposing party; 100%)

If HP < 25% or MP < 15%: (priority of 10)
Use Elixir (fully restore HP and MP to user, can only be used 3 times; 100%)

It was something of a pain to figure out how to setup this attack pattern this in VX Ace. Please evaluate.

*To emphasize that he has human durability, I made a dummy character, complete with weapons and armor, and gave the corresponding enemy the stats, and equipment bonuses, he would have had as a player character at that point in the game.

Weapon 1: sword (more than that is unimportant)
Weapon 2: staff (more than that is unimportant)
Body: Elemental Cloak (all elemental damage is halved for wearer)
Head: Blessed Circlet (wearer is healed by holy element (Yanfly scripting was involved))
Accessory: Ribbon (wearer has blanket-immunity to negative status effects)

RPG Tsukuru 2000

*tries to install*

installer: This operating system is not supported!



Apparently RPG Maker 2000 isn't supported on Windows 8.1.
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