Bachelors' Deal

How do I overcome the problem, "The file system3 cannot be opened"?? But, this usually happens when I play RPGMaker 2003 games and I also tend to give up on the game entirely after that. But, this one's an exception! So, please! And thank you so much for the lovely game! Good Luck on your upcoming works! GodBless!! =D

Dear Mariko

Hi there! I wasn't getting any problems with the RGSS-TP and all, and managed to arrive at the title screen and start my game! But, then.. when I thought all was well and running.. when the dialogue box appeared and I waited for the text to pop out, nothing. So, I thought it just happened to hang and so I waited some more.. And then, I tried pressing spacebar to confirm that its not working anymore, but the cursor was just working fine. And so, I concluded that there was no text appearing at all. And I've really wanted to play this for some time now! And thank you for the wonderful game! Have a nice day and GodBless! =D
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