Halo invented minigames

Need help. [RMXP]

Thanks GRS, works like a dream!

Avian Legends

This going well? When's the demo?

Ugh, well there's been some difficulties. Let's just say I lost months worth of work. It's kind of killed my motivation to work on this project so for now it's on hiatus.

Need help. [RMXP]

I don't have any pokemon system scripts.

Better than Paint

Need help. [RMXP]

Add the above script into your project else every time the player loads the game you'll have to reassign the battle start sound.

Now when you want to change the battle start sound, use the event command 'Execute Script' or something like that, it's on the third tab iirc.

Ok, that's what I figured in the first place. Now here's the problem. When I put the code in there, I get this error.

Need help. [RMXP]

Sorry to necropost but i havent had internet access for a while.
How exactly would i use this code GRS? I'm feelin' kinda dumb here.

Need help. [RMXP]

I need to know how to change the battle start SE during the game. For some reason Enterbrain decided it was a good idea to not let you change it with an event.

need help with battler positioning in rmxp.

I found the problem. The SDK was interfering with the script, so I got rid of it. 4man is for a menu script.

need help with battler positioning in rmxp.

I pasted it in the right place. Still nothing. Here's a screen of what it looks like.