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Elemental Clash


Proof that the game I'm working isn't technically my first project ever. Word of caution, it's probably not as polish as I envisioned it to be.

Storytelling from an interactive perspective


And yes, that video is my primary response to anyone who asks about my take on video game storytelling. I bring this to everybody's attention because of what LockeZ told me about the conflict between the gameplay and story experts in various RPG Maker communities. Feel free to discuss amongst yourselves/

Nocturne Rebirth


It's just an RPG Maker XP game that I played a couple of times. I probably will do a complete run when there's an English translation which I posted a request for in the ROM Hacking community.

What is your take on isometric pixel art

Precisely what the topic suggests. Post any opinions/etc. regarding your take on isometric pixel art, specifically for RPGs.

Stencyl has launched


And yes, you can download it without having to sign up (I checked to make sure).

Nocturne Rebirth troubleshooting

So I downloaded this game called Nocturne Rebirth so I can check it out for myself. However, two things have happened as a result of attempting to play it on Vista.

1. The dialogue text wouldn't show up, probably because I don't have the proper font installed.
2. On the first battle, it said it failed to create a bitmap.

Is there a solution to this issue I should know about.

Stencyl tab

Since Stencyl is pretty much on its way to being launched (and since I happen to have the program itself), I think we should have a tab for Stencyl made projects on this site.

My game design brain dump thread

Hi Everybody

DBAce9Aura here, saying that I've been checking up on some of the stuff here (mostly just checking whether or not Skie Fortress is making progress on SEM). As for projects, I might be working on something with Stencyl, but I don't know when so stay tuned.

Sidenote: How do I change my account avatar?
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