I'm a rookie RPG maker user and a Game tester if anyone needs to have me look at their games.

Feel free to give me a message if u need a game tested


[Offer] Game Testing

Hey everybody.

I'm looking for something to do and therefore have chosen to test games.

I have tested a few games like Reap and Sow and First Light of Dawn.

What you can expect of me:

Cons and Pros, full playthough of the game, a quick review of the game and my opinion.

I hope you will give me a try and i will do my best to test your game.

Game Engines:

RPG maker VX Ace
RPG maker XP


Game tester need work

Hey people..

I'm a game tester and i'm looking for work.

I have tested games before and with great response.

I play the game all the way and looks for secrets if there are any in the game.

I give a full report on the game about what was good and what needs work or needs to be fixed..

I hope you can use a guy like me.


Game Tester needs work


I need a bit of work and hope there are some people who needs their game tested.

Please reply to me if u have some work for me..


Game Tester needs work

Hey everybody..

Do you need someone to test your games, let me try testing them and give you a fast Review and tell you if there are any bugs or any kinds of problems

Hope you give me a try
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