awesome game! this, to me, is commercial grade! KUDOS to you! now, if there was some kind of help, to know what some of the things are and what some of the pictures that pop up at bottom of screen mean! but all in all, one of the best I've played in a long time.

Working on just that. If I get around to it in the next version, there will be a full help section available under the options menu, where only "Controls" currently exists.

Thanks for the kind words and support!


Is this game non-RTP? Or do I need to have RPG Maker 2k3?

All you have to do is download and install. The package has all necessary files.


Though I probably won't be releasing until next year, I've already made and tested the addition in the options menu to turn off encounter rate and experience scaling. The number of battles will neither increase or decreased based on level, and players earn the same amount of experience as always. If you gain excessive levels the game will no longer be challenging, but I'd rather enable players to enjoy themselves however they please.

I actually had monster scaling in mind as a separate addition to make New Game+ more interesting, or adjust the difficulty. It would work for everything except fixed damage skills, which is what monsters almost exclusively use. There's no Dynrpg plugin for such an adjustment that I know of.


Hey, I totally agree. I did not like the level cap solution at all. At the time it was the best choice to balance the game, but I have good news.

I'm close to releasing another update, probably the last using RPG Maker 2003. It will correct this issue. The encounter rate still adjusts based on level, but never to zero. Experience received is reduced when the current party level exceeds the expected average, but also not to zero. This allows players to continue to level if necessary, while maintaining some semblance of balance.

Actually, I just had a thought I'd like to thank you for. I'll add an option that toggles encounter rate and experience adjustments. Then players like yourself can enjoy the game however they please! How does that sound?

Hi umm i want to say something and plz PLZ people don't get mad at me but i can't not really i liked this game do to one issue i have with the game in fact do to it i only played 7 hours before saying screw it i can't take this anymore.
And that is the leveling in this game i get the maker wanted to make a rpg where grinding was not really a thing but the fact the game LOCKS you out of any battles after you reach some kind of level cap just really made me want to cry....ok maybe not cry but you know what i see i find it odd how the maker has a story mode but yet makes it so the levels are locked after you reach ____ level in some areas even in normal gameplay maybe some people like level caps but i hate them.
Anyway it would have been nice to have the option to stop random encounters with like a time or something that way people could play they way they want and not force us to play how they want the game to go.....Sorry if this sounds mean i'm just said that a game this good would take away something so fun as the ability to level up your heros anytime you want.


So umm how long is this game 4 hours or more like 30 something :)

I'm getting close to releasing the next (and probably last) rm2k3 version. With Dyn RPG, It'll have the clock plugin so we can finally measure the time to complete the game, but it's definitely closer to 30 hours than 4.


event script error when i try to enter a airship location for the first time. After having to watch that quite annoying scene where they all teleport onboard one after another.


This is a common but annoying engine bug. Simple fix is to either:

1) Land the airship on the world map, enter a location by walking, exit back to world map, fly airship
2) While flying the airship, leave the world map and enter the interior, then use the helm to return to world map


Bugfragged is correct, the skill Reversal inverts the HP of all your heroes. If you're above half maximum health, you take damage. If you're below half maximum health, you're healed. The key against foes who use Reversal is to never fully heal to 100% HP, but maintain enough health to survive attacks. It might be helpful to leave one character chronically low on HP. You'll have to constantly revive them, but Reversal will heal them and they can recover the rest of the party. Every monster that uses Reversal also does so using a pattern that doesn't change, so you can anticipate it.

Here's a link to the Legendary Sword in Nemus Aevum. At the second stone knight take a left onto the path leading to Guardian Dragona.

Patch v3.27

Seize is part of the regular pattern for that boss, but when it gets really low on HP it starts using the attack randomly. Many bosses and monsters exhibit this behavior, but if you unleash your best attacks you can finish them before the situation gets out of control.

I'm still concerned the patch didn't correct your game files. Seize should never last the entire battle. If the issue persists, either email me, or download the new full package and install it over the old one. It won't erase your save file, but it will overwrite all the game files without you having to extract to the correct destination, which may be the issue applying the patch.


Later bosses will use Seize and similar attacks that paralyze your heroes. If the issue persists, send me an email with your save file and I'll take a look at it. Combat is not designed to be frustrating, especially so early in the game. Glad you're sticking with it, though.

Patch v3.27

Ive dl the patch according to your instructions but unless I am just damned unlucky, the Octopus STILL SEIZES me to death.

Make sure you unzip everything to the Everlong folder wherever you initially chose to install the game, and that you overwrite the old files. The change is in the database, the .ldb file. I tested the specific battle you're having difficulty with, and am certain the condition is fixed. You could always email me your save file, however, and I'll test it.

There are no spells or items to remove the "seize" condition, but it has a high random chance of ending after every turn. Keep taking turns with your other heroes, either healing or attacking, and it will eventually end. You could also intentionally allow a seized hero to fall, then restore their life.