'Can you overcome your own weakness?'




Its seems so cool! I'm gonna play it. Why do I live in this part of the earth?! It's nigth already and i almost find this. </3.

And the classes.

Hope for my review this weekend! I really need to play this!

Alright, but don't push yourself =)


Just looking back and thinking about giving it another go~
This was my first horror rpg game when I learned about rpg maker, so it's sorta been the defining game for me on the horror aspect for rpg games. xD
I read the description and the thought of a horror game where the main character has a heart problem was genius, in my opinion.

And yeah while it is hard, there's sort of a charm in that I suppose. *-*

Thanks, I hope that if I ever make another game, I won't make it as unforgiving as this one, so that more people can enjoy it.


Hardcore horror game. To get the best endings you will need to avoid the 'scares' and keep yourself as calm as possible. This must be done throughout the entire game. I made too many mistakes early on and ran out of medicine to keep going, leaving me no choice but to go for the worst ending (forgetful). Some of the scares are clearly avoidable, but if you're out of meds like I am you wont be able to get past some of the 'mandatory' scares (imagine my surprise when the main character drops dead from a random knocking sound or apparently nothing at all (he blacks out before the scare occurs.) If I want to keep playing, I'd have to go all the way back to the beginning of the game. I would need a pen and paper to write down all the scares and try to avoid as many of them as possible. Personally, I HATE having to use pen and paper to play an RPG game. This game is pretty well made, but I think the difficulty was maybe too high, and you can easily end up in an 'unwinnable' situation.

Hey, sorry for the late reply.

You are totally right, of course, the game is unfair. I wish I had done a better job, but it is what it is. Thanks for giving it a try, though.


Thanks so much. We'll make sure to try this and I don't mind that one ending being a pain, its worh it.

I do have a question, when we got sacrifice we got a score 37/38. The only thing we can think of we did /not/ receive is Lavinia's diary page which I don't believe we've ever found? I figured there was probably one for her since there was for everyone else as well, but could you please tell us where if so?

I might do a review by the time we've fully completed the game, but I would like to say I really like the way you had Felix react to a lot of the scenes.

Like how the screen would go black and it'd give a sad, reaction of his. "It felt like one of the most important parts had been ripped out of me. I stroke her hair one last time" with Mother. "How could you do this to us? How could you be so selfish? We were family!" with Robin. The way he covered up Emelie, it all left me with a sad feeling (which is good!) You just played that out so well where it wasn't so dramatic like "Oh no! Emelie why? Why I don't understand!" or anything, and still heartfelt <3

Thank you for replying ^^;

Lavi's page is in the Garden Maze. It's 'her' garden after all. It's very close to the entrance, so shouldn't be that hard to find.

Honestly I'm really surprised you liked the reactions and stuff like that, I've even seen people liking the endings. I'm not really good at that stuff, usually when I write, it's very dark or depressing because I don't understand people. I'm terrible at writing dialogues too, it always comes out very cliché or forced/robotic.


Hi! Just wanted to say, omg this is such a great game! I love the atmosphere and the characters and how the scares work (they're random). My friend plays it while I watch cuz Im too much of a wussy to play myself (lol).

I was wanting to know how exactly to get the last few endings we haven't manage to receive. We got deserter, lovesick, forgetful, blame, sacrifice and than deserter again. We'd like to play through and see all the endings but we're stuck on how to get the other ones and was hoping you could help ^^;

Also I love the plot twists! How Mother wasn't all good, I thought the strange notes were from Lucas but turns out it was from Felix, I think it makes sense Marcus is the axe guy... we played like 4 times in a row and we had seen all the scares (we thought) then we come out of a room to see some red ghost girl scream at us, scared the shit outta us XD

One more note, is the little girl in the basement with the teddy bears and old person that came to mothers and didn't get better and died / was killed? Or something? That's immediately what came to mind anyways, there even seems to be a room for her? (the one where you get the rope?)

I love the exploration theme and the timer (I cried when I couldn't save Emelie the first time!) and even though some of the puzzles were difficult and the running back and forth got ridiculous (and the chase scene in the picture maze in the basement was stressful..) I adore the game so much! Its hard to believe it was made by a single person, ahhh.

Sorry to ramble I am just so fascinated with your work. Anyways, could you help with the endings so I can finish the game x: PM or tell me in spoilers, either way I don't care, if you would just please take the time. ^^

I can't really say much about the story (without some spoilers), but I purposely left a lot of it open to interpretation. If you think that Marcus was the killer, then you are not right or wrong, because there are clues pointing at him being the killer, but are even things that point to others, for example: If you look closely on the killer, he has spikey hair. Marcus has shaved head.

There's one thing you have to think about when it comes the Teddy Bear Girl, "was she even real to begin with?". The puzzle room reverts back to just a normal storage after you've beaten it, so if Felix imagined that, then what more was in his head? I always had the idea that all the "girl-ghost" are the same person, however I never actually made a conclusion to it. She is just there. If she's real or not, existed at one point in Felix's life or not, all of that is up to you. Oh, and the room with the rope is not a bedroom, it's a playroom for younger children.

Now, to the endings you've missed.
Best ending:
To get the best ending, you have to do everything, and get a perfect score, and not exit as Dark Felix. I can't really say what you've missed, but since you have gotten the Sacrifice ending, you should be close. Basically, you need to solve all the puzzles, save Emelie and Marcus, find all the notes/major story points.

Secret Ending 1:
First up: Don't save Emelie or Marcus.
You need to Lie about Robin to Marcus. (Lying to Marcus will make him no longer appear in the game, i.e, he won't be in Robin's room.)
You need to have entered Emelie's room. (Emelie's life is on a timer, so just don't do any of her things, do other stuff until finally her door no longer is closed.)

You need to find Lucas. (You'll find him in the secret room in the basement.)

You also need to do at least 2 of the following, this is so that you don't get the worst ending.
Finding Mother.
Confronting Levi (Tips: Confronting her means talking to her at the attic after meeting her in the caverns.)
Finding Research Data.

In the eastern rooms in the basement, there is a mask hanging on a wall. Inspect the mask and then go down some so you can't see the mask anymore. The mask is now gone.

Lastly, you need to read the open book in the library.

Now all you have to do is leave like normal and the special ending should play.

Secret Ending 2:
This one is a lot easier. Go and save Emelie and Marcus (If you don't know when they are 'saved', Emelie is saved after you've given her the rope and she leaves her room. Marcus is saved when he says "Fine... I get it..." when being straight with him in Robin's Room.

After saving both of them, go to the exit BUT DON'T LEAVE YET. You need to have Felix dripping blood from his eyes. This is something that might happen when Felix is at max scare (meaning one more scare will kill him).

As another tip: After using Medicine, Felix heartbeat is at 0, you need to get to 5 to try and activate the eyes. 6 is death. The easiest way is to go to the last save room in the caverns, save, and then use energy drinks to try and activate it. Use a medicine and then 5 drinks, if the eyes don't show, reload and try again.

I know this is a pain, but it is a special ending after all.

That should be everything, feel free to comment/PM if you have more questions or something isn't working.


I really like this game, but I have some questions:

1- is it possible to save Lucas or Robin?
2- just to be clear,
Marcus is the axe killer-guy?

3- about the puzzle with the cells and the orbs,
why is Marcus's a room full of spikes?

4- when Felix walks out the house and towards the shed, there's a medicine box behind a gate. I have never been able to open this gate. How should I go about doing so?
5- what are we supposed to do with the map?

1: No, you cannot save them. I did have more plans with them, but things changed.

2: That is one of the possibilities, it really comes down to what you yourself want to believe.

3: I couldn't think of a better room for him. The spikes makes it impossible for him to hit things, so he has to stay completely still.

4: In the room where you get the pick, there's a crack in the wall. Break that and you can enter the little area behind the gate where the box is.

5: The completed map? It shows a hidden area on the second floor (which you cannot access until you have found both pieces of the map and put them together). Shouldn't you know this? You get the Gold Key from the secret room, which opens up the Cells room.

Thanks for liking the game, and if you have any other questions just fire them away :)


Although I will say this game is pretty tough, and took me alot of looking around online to find bits and pieces of information. Is there a cohesive list or walkthrough of this game that's not in video-form? It would be pretty helpful for me at least.

Thanks for playing.

No there isn't. I tried writing a walkthrough once, but it got really confusing so I gave up on it.


Ahhh i hate horror games but this looks promising so i'll play it i just hope i don't piss myself
Don't worry, it's not that scary really. =)
Imma gonna take your word on that...If i piss myself i'm going to sue you...jk jk

Haha, you do that ;)


Ahhh i hate horror games but this looks promising so i'll play it i just hope i don't piss myself

Don't worry, it's not that scary really. =)


Im so curious about this game, i'll try play *0*

Thanks for trying ;p

Yes, Miryafa is right, that is what I meant.
Sorry about that,my internet access can be a bit uncertain, and I kinda forgot I made the comment.

Np, it happens.
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