I make games for fun, sometimes.
I also review RPGs on YouTube, sometimes.



So I'm guess I'm not really new, but a after a six year hiatus (and never being very active to begin with) I might as well be. Back in 2012 I was working on an XP game that I was really excited about, but then lost the files in a computer incident (backups are important, lesson learned). Shelved RPG Maker, did some life stuff, started a youtube channel, bought FES on 3DS because (oooh handheld game making!) and I'm back.

Honestly just kind of waiting around for my game page to be accepted so I can post some stuff on it. I know FES is not a very popular engine, but I found it relaxing to lay in bed and night and just build stuff. Took a few months but I finally completed my game (as small as it is). It was quite the learning experience for me, brought back some memories of working on my other project. I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed world building.

I can't say that I could ever recommend FES to someone serious about creating a "real" game. But as a toy? So much fun. Also great for prototyping ideas. I guess the next question is, for me, is do I want to take my project and remake and expand on a more popular engine? I don't know that I want to invest that kind of time commitment. But maybe. It's something to think about anyway.

Either way. Gold star Daria! Ya made something cool and finished it. Anyway now I'm just rambling, nice meeting you all. *waves*
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