An Assassins Odyssey: The Epic of the Dark Scrolls

I'm running into a bug in which it won't let me load my save data. When I hit "Continue" on the main screen it doesn't do anything.

I Vanquished the Empire as a Kid and Now the Economy is Crap

I think it's a shame that no one has responded yet to your request for feedback, so here it goes.

Weapon Durability: I personally haven't played any other rpgs with this mechanic, but my experience with the demo was positive overall. The main problem I can see is the possibility of your weapon going dull at a critical moment, like in a boss fight. You could get around this by either allowing the character to spend a turn equipping a different weapon mid-battle or having it wait to go dull after the battle ends.

Precision Dungeons: This didn't bother me. If you keep these segments short and don't increase the difficulty much, it should be fine.

Writing: I didn't notice an inconsistency in tone, although there were a few typos.

Positives: The idea of having a conflict centered around building civilization up rather than just mercilessly tearing down your enemies makes this game stand out big time. As is having an OP hero that intentionally tones himself down due to a thorny backstory.

Overall, excited for Chapter 2!
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