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Who am I?
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I go under the profile-name Dark_Metamorphosis here on the RMN forums
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My real name is Andreas, a friendly guy and geek for life that enjoys everything related to gaming. Games has always been one of my biggest passions, ever since I got my very first console back when I was 7 years old. I have tons, and tons of game-series that have made a really big impact on me and they are too many to be listed. I guess some of you have noticed that Castlevania is one of these series.

More than that I love to hang out with my wonderful friends, things would not be the same without them. Watching movies, or animes is also something that is very close to my heart, music in all Its glory, going to concerts, having a drink or two, and spending time with my best friend; a Golden Retriever with the name of Dogge. I'm pretty bad at introductions but always feel free to send me a PM,

It's always great to talk to new people!
Violent Whispers
A young man ventures on a journey which will discover the secret behind his unusual vital-defect. A secret that will change his life forever.


Violent Whispers - Recruitment thread. (Programmer needed).

Hi Everyone!

I'm currently recruiting for my game Violent Whispers, and I'm in need of some assistance to make the development a bit easier on me. The game has gone through a lot of polish, and most of the planning is complete (Even though there are still some work to be done there). Down below is an introduction, a small presentation of the game, along with guidelines and what I'm currently looking for.

Without further ado, here we go:


As a few of you might know I have been working on my game for a pretty long time now (11 months). The first six months of production was mainly focused on learning the engine, the scripts used, and a lot of planning. Since most of this is starting to fall together I have been thinking about getting some assistance for my project, since It's insanely difficult (at least for me, might be because I'm sort of a noob still) and time consuming to do every little bit myself. Down below is a small synopsis, and some in-game footage to get you a small grasp of what the game is all about.

Game Synopsis:

You will take on the role as a young Asperian Knight named Vincent Feracordis, and his journey to discover a secret that will change his life forever. At a very young age, Vincent discovered a 'gift' (or a curse) involving the ability to hear distant whispers, and hallucinate events that are not a part of his own life.
Growing up has made him accustomed to this defect in his vital system, and he has learned to live a normal life despite the echoing voices infecting his mind. But something is rising on the horizon, and chaotic and fearsome events are about to take shape, when King Zephyr of Asper suddenly decides to search for a long-forgotten relic from an ancient era.

Questioning King Zephyr's intentions, and with a deep worry of the king's recent obsession with this relic, Vincent is being tasked to look for the missing piece of the item in a sealed forest far across the ocean. All his life Vincent has questioned the very reason why he's the only one with the unusual vital-defect, but he has never found an answer... Until now.

Violent Whispers is a game about finding your true self, overcoming difficulties when your whole world is crumbling, and rise from the ashes even when the world is against you. The value of friendship, love and trust, and the ultimate courage of turning your back against everything you ever known for a greater good.


Can be found here:

A Free Game

The project is not a commercial one, so that means that it will be released with no cost whatsoever. That's why I'm looking for people that wants to help me out with the project for free. I do however feel like skill trading is encouraged and if you need help with something in your own project in return, then that is something that we can come to an agreement on. If you don't work on a project at all, then maybe you would find it interesting to read further.

What to expect?

As a recruiter I believe that it's important that the people who's interesting in joining as a workforce for my project has a clear view of what I'm expecting from them. Likewise, I think It's important for them to know what they can expect from me. Since the game is already in process, there are several aspects of the game that is currently established. This means that there will be several guidelines that you will be instructed with if you decide to join, and these guidelines will be a solid platform for you to build upon. Even though you are free to share suggestions, and work freely around the current task, there will be aspects of the game that is already established, and that will be immune for change. You will have the freedom of using your own judgement, but there will always be a discussion on all the work that is put down, and communication is the most important part for me. Since there are specific sections that I need most assistance with there won't be much change in the overall game-structure.

Please refer to these guidelines if you wish to join:

  • It's important that you feel motivated, and are 100% sure that you want to help me out. What I don't need is to have someone helping me, and then 1 week later leaves to join on another project or something similar. What I need is someone that is interested, and someone that wants to see the game finished.

  • 18+ of age is recommended, mainly because It's easier to work with people that is around the same age. This can change though, so I'm not discriminating on younger people! Age is never a safe card for maturity, morals or experience.

As I stated before, most things have a base or platform but there are still things that's not really set in stone yet. Functions and systems that are planned, but not 100% thought out. Same goes with story and plot-points and everything related to my world. These will be built upon though, and most of the things that I need help with have a solid foundation to stand on when it comes to how I need it to work.

Aspects of the game I'm currently recruiting for:

Programmer (Databasing - Battle System).

The individual that I am currently looking for is experienced in the database, and enjoy working with enemies, skills and battles. He/She is also experienced in setting up events inside the battle and make strategies that compliments well with the skills and the actors/monsters inside the game.

In-depth Information:
(Optional to read but explains further details if you are interested in joining )

Functions planned to be inclued in Violent Whispers Battle system:

Turn-based or ATB system:
As it stands now, Violent Whispers is a turned based game. I do however want the battle-system to be a ATB-system.

Basic foundation for actors/enemies skills:
To give a 'frame' as to how skills will be built up I will refer to the vital-system lore in my game. The vital-system can work as a comparison to DNA and it is the life force of every individual and determines a person's personality, appearance, skills and way of work.

Destruction Auras:

Categorized in the red section of auras, and stimulates the Inner vital point of an individual. The destruction Aura represents the ability to control elemental forces such as fire and ice.

Mind Auras:

Categorized in the red section of auras, and stimulates the Inner vital point of an individual. The mind Aura represents the ability to control forces that will effect the mental and physcial state of the living.

Enlightenment Auras:

Categorized in the blue section of auras, and stimulates the Outer-core of an individual. The Enlightenment aura represents the ability to control forces that will have a positive effect on the wielders vital auras, and the ability to channel these to other individuals.

Resillience Auras:

Categorized in the blue section of auras, and stimulates the Outer-core of an individual. The Resillience aura represents the ability to control forces that will strengthen the vital aura and make objects (dead or living) more resilient.

Naturalistic Auras:

Categorized in the green section of auras and stimulates the Outer vital point of an individual. The naturalistc Aura represents the ability to control forces in cycle with nature itself.

Knowledge Auras:

Categorized in the green section of auras and stimulates the Outer vital point of an individual. This Aura has been technically manufactured and is the most recent Aura discovered to date. It represents the ability to control forces that will increase the learning curve in almost any subject, the practice of stimulating new auras is included.

Healing Auras:

Categorized in the white section of auras and stimulates the Core of an individual. The healing Aura represents the ability to control forces with healing attributes.

Vital Auras:

Categorized in the white section of auras and stimulates the Core of an individual. Vital auras are not looked upon as a magical resource as the rest of the Auras in the world. It holds the most important factors, and have a big impact on the functionality of the vital system. It's the aura that seperates the personality of every individual and the growth of the individuals physicial state. There are people that was born with a genetic code that only stimulates the Vital Auras.

Void Auras:

Categorized in the black section of auras and the stimulation of vital points is unknown. The void aura is an unknown force for the people of Aspicio, and can only be found in the legends of Serena. Not much is known about this aura, but according to ancient texts it was supposedly banned from the world after the end of the first crisis. The void aura has been a big factor in the worshiping of the ancient civilization of Serena, and the Void itself, something that the religion of Serenivictus hold dear when it comes to their beliefs. Text and scrolls have revelead that void auras made it possible to use alien magic that could resort into teleportation, levitation, telekenesis and other abilities categorized under the banned void magic.

These are the 8 known auras in my world (Nine with void, but It's banned from the world.) And depending on the individuals 'vital points', different auras will be available to them. The 'route' of these vital points determines what kind of skills the individual can control, even though It's very individual.

The characters roles

The character's are not named with a specifc class (ala rogue, warrior, mage etc) instead they are refered as their profession and the skills are only determined on their auras and vital-system.

Vincent Feracordis (Main protagonist)
Role: Damage Dealer
Stimulated auras: Destruction and Vital.
Elements: Lightning and Earth.

Wiola Dolea
Role: Caster/Healer
Stimulated Auras: Destruction and Healing.
Elements: Fire and Ice.

Clem Dolea
Role: Supporter/De-buffer
Stimulated Auras: Enlightenment and Mind.
Elements: -

Judith Suffert
Role: Damage Dealer
Stimulated Auras: Vital (Resillience)
Speciality: Jump and Bleeding abilities.

Shane Celeritas
Role: Damage Dealer/Weaken
Stimulated Auras: Vital and Naturalistic
Speaciality: Ranged attacks and weaken, poison.

The more important aspect of my battle system would be that I want the battles to use a system of strategies. I don't want a battle system where the best thing to do is to press the attack button over and over.

Character importance
I want the skills to be useful, and work well with eachother. Each individual (Actor) should have a speciality that makes them equally useful and have strong parts in different situations.

Enemies will be reacting differently depending on their strong points and weaknesses, for instance flying creatures are weak against ranged attacks. Some flying creatures are immune to melee and has to be wing-cliped, undead creatures are not effected by bleeding attacks etc.

Counter-spells (Optional idea)
Counter-spells is a feature that I have been playing around with, and I got the idea from Mega man and Magic the gathering. As a feature I wanted this to work as a system where spells can counter other spells. If you think about Mega man there are bosses that you can kill with any weapon, but It's way more effective if you are using the most effective weapon for it in order to counter the boss. I want something that builds upon this, where skills can be used in order to counter a specific action from a boss or turn the tide of the battles if used correctly. Where sections of the boss battles (or ordinary battles) will work as a puzzle on It's own. An undead minion puts up a fog that will empower him, A boss charges up a devestating attack and you have a certain amount of time to counter it.

Different tactics at different times
A system where the player can change between 2 specific aura categories (A skill that activates and change the skills from Fire destruction magic, to healing or a skill where you have to equip a shield in order to use a defensive resillience state).

Cooldowns, 1 time only etc.
The skill system is using a cooldown system to prevent more powerful spells to be spammed.

If you are interested in joining it would be favourable to see something of previous works, or an explanation of your overall experience with the engine, or the specific section of the engine. If you feel like you can help with a small aspect of any section, but are unsure if you can pull of a feature that is listed? Don't be afraid to post since we can always come to a conclussion. Most of the features are just optional and depends on what kind of experience I can get.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave them here in this thread or send me a PM. Same goes If something is confusing, or if you want more information about anything.

There's also a wiki that will be available, and are open to all of the members of my team (including 2 spots for writers, and 1 for brainstorming).

For further Information about the game, please visit my Game page located Here:

Best Regards

New to the forums!

Hello RMN!

So guess this is my first post in the forum.
My name is Andreas, 25 years old from Sweden. I recently got interested in RPG-making, even though I have always wanted to make a game. Thing is that I'm pretty much useless at math and everything that comes with game-developing. That's why I think that RPG-maker is a nice asset when you aint got that much knowledge in the very advanced stuff.

On my sparetime I love listening to music, writing, being with my friends, and going to conserts etc. I'm pretty bad at introductions but don't be afraid to send me a PM! It's always fun to talk with new people!

I recently started to make my very first game called Violent Whispers (4 months ago or so), and I think It's turning out pretty decent, since I'm pretty new to the engine. Even so I think I'm starting to get the hang of it so if you need some feedback on anything don't be afraid to contact me!
My game is currently waiting to be accepted here, and I'm really excited about it!

Looking forward to be a part of the community!

Signing out.
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