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A cop investigates a cult connected to a case of missing children.



Looking for a copy style of zelda but isn't actually zelda

https://rpgmaker.net/games/778/ Fey is the only action/zelda one I ever liked, mainly for the world/presentation.

Lone Star

FF7 remake. It's a thing.

The art direction seems pretty standard as far as using Advent Children as a reference point. I'm kind of bummed out Midgar is just gonna have a bunch of open areas to fight in since the coolest part about that place was the claustrophobic areas. I also think it's hilarious that the episodic thing is still happening, kind of diminishes the point of it all since everyone knows the story.

But who knows maybe there will be e3 coverage and then like nothing for 2 years.

[RM2K3] How to stop a battle event from executing on Game Over

Off the top of my head checking party HP sounds like a bad idea unless everyone has the same max HP, and sounds unreliable in general since you're checking if the glyph holder is also dead if at 0.

Simple solution I can devise is to just add +1 to a variable whenever a party member hp hits 0*. If that variable reaches the party size minus 1, then disable the glyph.

*:you could check every party member in the game or devise a way to figure out which party members to check if they're in the party

Where do we go from here?

author=Sgt M
It was apparent in the months leading up to EX's release that the launch was going to be a quiet one. And somewhere in that time, it became clear that a Dragon Quest-inspired game like Yuusha just didn't have much of an audience.

Or you just haven't found the audience. The main problem with a lot of indie devs trying to get their projects off the ground is that they end up marketing to gamedevs (twitter is mostly full of nitpicky creatives) just because you soared in the #screenshotsaturday metrics isn't going to translate into sales, it just means people liked your screenshot. I say all this because it's really easy to jump to conclusions based on simply your anecdotal experience, and not actually doing the research and finding out if there is or isn't a demand for whatever thing your game offers. It could be that DQ-likes don't have a sizeable audience, but I doubt you even reached the full length to say for certain.

Theme Roulette 2

Yeah I'm probably not going to focus much on this, other projects need my attention.

[RM2K3] Making a state?

Add like 20 extra blank states to lengthen the scroll window. It's weird, you might have to hit down arrow to select the last one in some cases.

A Deep Dive into Paper Mario's Design Philosophy

That last part is the worst problem, really. At no point almost anywhere in almost any battle in the Paper Mario series does the player think, "OK, I have these five or six different attacks, and each of them has a different upside and a different downside. I also have a number of buff spells or control spells which can influence the state of the battlefield. Which do I want to do, based on what I know about this enemy?" In Paper Mario, there's no reason to ever think about what to do because there's always exactly one answer. If your HP is below half then you heal, otherwise you attack the enemy's weakness. That's every turn in the game.

There's built in assumptions based on that hypothetical ideal you brought up, because it sounds a little skewed from what Paper Mario even aims to do. The predictability comes from the the information being very elegantly displayed. I see a lot of RMVX games that focus on synergy and stuff but really mess up on the communication (relying on tons of icons / status popups) or even lacking a clear combat goal where upfront damage feels like a bad decision. PM really wants you to think in terms of hits and not abstract numbers, buffs and debuffs often feel like a lack of interaction at times (though I'm pretty sure PM does have moves that affect later turns) There's also the pitfall of 'every skill is useful therefore there is no wrong answer' that you can fall into. Not to say that tradeoff gameplay is fundamentally flawed, but I think there is something poignant to a game where the optimal choice presents itself clearly because of how well information is presented. It's a bit like arguing the merits of super linear games like NES platformers where yes you're simply going through a very rigid obstacle course the designer set out for you, sure there's a ton of variance in running and jumping - but goals like "go right" and "shoot anything that moves" gives a huge purpose for those interactions.

The biggest excuse you can make for RPGs (especially old ones) is that they were never meant to be flowchart skill-rotation battle simulators but convoluted cookie clickers where its fun to see the numbers go up on characters you're invested in. Which I think complicates the discussions of "this is what a turn based rpg should be" because it's worth rewinding a bit and approaching things practically. Final Fantasy will have the most random shit that has no coherent balance (Wow a death spell! I'm sure that's self explanatory and has no strings attached) but because it has so much of it there's still a game in knowing what should be ignored and what's worth spamming. A lot of RPGs will simply be inspired by that furthering the plague of really mixed priorities.

On the extreme side of things if every battle was a chess match where you have to think 5 moves ahead the length and frequency of the battles (meant to progress your character) would get tiring. Paper Mario keeps that problem to a minimum while also asking you to pay attention once in awhile. People complain about Mario Odyssey for having its collectible Moons be really bite sized activities but they at least don't overstay their welcome. For better or worse it's very Nintendo(tm) brand design. A game like Gwent accomplishes the "thinking man's game" stuff but uh, not everyone wants to make a card game. Which I think is what EtherPenguin struggles with.

[RM2K3] Making negative Accuracy Statuses affect Skills

I'm going to assume that's a hold over from RM2000 since rm2k3 doesn't even use messages, but rm2k does.

Rpg Makers: Endgame


also ocean has like 2 characters in there this franchise is biased!!