*blows dust off ancient readme.txt*

Currently working on: The Machine that Breathes https://store.steampowered.com/app/1126210/the_machine_that_BREATHES/ (Please wishlist!)
the machine that BREATHE...
A tunneling machine finds itself injected into a body resembling a human.



Best RM series to play all the way through?

Does anyone remember GamingGroundZero? (Remembering GamingGroundZero)

@DarkMatter: Dang I remember trying to make a lot of games using your charsets. They were a pretty good template and inspirational for 12 year old lurker me at the time.

These charsets are still in the butterfly's song demo and i think there was a CBS demo with similar charsets? Pelican50 something

idk if it's ok to post them here but I get extremely nostalgic when i see these. GGZ had a really solid sprite art community.

Does anyone like me?

you are def the most liked community member, by my memory every clique that came through here would be like "yeah rmn has some annoying people but kentona's cool" no joke

A Major V Tuber is playing RPG Maker

back in me day we watched a tube

A Major V Tuber is playing RPG Maker

Whats a V tuber

You'll have to watch The Boys to find out.

A.I. Generation and RMN

there's definitely a case to be made about the 5 star review system being pretty dated at this point, made sense in 2010 but ranking hobbyist submitted content like RT or metacritic did create a perfectionist mindset that prevented a lot of people from just "throwing something out there."

On a broader scale I'd also argue that AAA games with high production values are already "creatively automated" as it is (even without AI). As more publishers and devs try to automate the fuck out of sales and goty awards or whatever. The people that work on them are stripped of any agency or personal stamp, paid less, treated as disposable etc. Even with freeware RPGs the expectations and pressure somehow wasn't all that different. Doesn't help that every teenager with RPGMaker in 2001 was trying to compete with 90s Squaresoft in their prime. Though I think as time went on, 2D sprite rpgs were seen more for what they are than compared to what's on the big markets.

but yeah i think the culture about it is changing at least.

A.I. Generation and RMN

Does it taste like the space flavor at all? Kinda feels like canadas just a guinea pig testing ground due to the low population and other factors. I do love the doritos ketchup chips though

A.I. Generation and RMN

that makes me want to try it even though i can't drink caffeine

I hate strategy RPGs! ARRRRRGGGGHHHH!!!

Y'all making them southern RPGs

I hate strategy RPGs! ARRRRRGGGGHHHH!!!

my main problem with SRPGs is that there's a lot of "move your guys up" phases, just a lot of wasted move space that just feels like filler noise which is due to bad level design usually. Into the Breach just has a small space and makes every square actually matter, and is the only SRPG i truly enjoy. Though I suppose it's not quite RPGy.