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Does anyone remember GamingGroundZero? (Remembering GamingGroundZero)

Did you go by Silver X also?
I did not, my only name I went by through the GGZ community was Silvereye. I do remember other Silver* people which made the chat rooms rather confusing since Wish always referred to me as "Silver"

...If it's not too much trouble, what I wanted to ask is, would you know what happened near the end of gaminggroundzero?

Unfortunately I have no idea what happened. When I initially tapped out (we're talking.... 2004/2005), Q had been attending university I believe, so he was no longer actively involved. Illustrious (as mentioned previously in the thread) had been pushed out or left GGZ. Wish was the one I still had a connection with, and it seemed she was trying desperately to hold the ship together. Felt every time I came back to the site, a whole host of our old resources were gone, tutorials wiped, etc. The biggest hit for me was when the old forums had been wiped or moved to a new forum host. I had an absolute TON of interactions with people on those forums that were lost forever. At that point, I saw little reason to go back.

So I really want to learn everything I can from this, to try and prevent it from happening in the future or if not that, at least take the necessary steps so that nothing important is lost.
That's really hard, as you're likely finding out. Forums drop support, servers go down and never come up again, etc. Even sites like archive.org are imperfect (as you can see with some of the deeplinked GGZ archives which work yet none of their child links were archived. I for one would love to see an archive of the Staff page so I can find out what the heck my bio was. I remember my avatar pretty vividly 'cause it was some terrible photoshop I did with). This is going to continue to be a problem until communities find a good way of preservation, which is also an ongoing and very serious problem in the gaming world in general. We are losing our games and source code at an alarming pace.

you mentioned you're currently working as an engineer in the games industry. Could you tell us what's that like or what games you're working if any?
I'm currently an operating systems engineer at the Xbox team. I worked on shipping features such as the multitasking Guide, system settings, the Games with Gold program, Xbox Game Pass, and most recently shipped the Xbox One X and S consoles. My interactions with shipping game code directly are limited, but I have provided a ton of consulting and bug fixes with plenty of games over the years.

Damn that xbox position is crazy. It's interesting to think how many pros are in the industry that originated from small rm circles. I guess CBS skills really can turn you into an engineer lol.

I mean it's not a huge mystery on how to maintain the community: make sure someone is paying the server bills and have an admin with some humility and yet some personal stake in the endeavor. Ultimately people are going to lose interest and move on to other stuff on their own volition though, and that's really hard to control. It's really about relying on the people that do rming for fun ultimately and don't stress over prospects. Problem is, making JRPGs is so time consuming that it's hard to be a simple side thing. There are people that still make Doom maps to this day, despite it no longer being a job offer hub for late 90s level designers anymore though.

GGZ is a sad case in terms of diagnosing how a community lives and dies. Because other than hearsay and the games, there's not much to go off of due to the insular nature of GGZ. I suspect Wishmoo pulled the plug with the robots.txt intentionally and doesn't want GGZ prominent anymore, it's seems similar to what happened with the drama surrounding Tabernacle. In any case I would love to see how the site looked like in its every stage, and yeah I do remember looking at the staff page and seeing all these members and wondering what they did.

Arcanion: Rise of Magi

the adventures of magi making balmung cycle before plunging RMN's front page into darknes

What are you thinking about right now?

Yeah I dunno, you don't have to cut out gamedev completely. Sometimes its fine to just dedicate a bit of your day to something even if it isn't contributing as much as a full weekend. I've been through so many different phases of activity/inactivity to count that I don't really think much of it, or bother declaring it. That's just me though.

RMN v4.3 Bugs

MSN 4 lyfe

Does anyone remember GamingGroundZero? (Remembering GamingGroundZero)

That's really cool to hear man, your username sounds familiar. Though I was just an outsider going through resources back then. Did you go by Silver X also? I'm interested in the sprite events like the Sprite Warz/Sprite Fights the pixel artists did back in the day. The custom arting was a pretty cool aspect of GGZ.

TimTam Slam Jam

I like the straight edges in the background, p cool.


why didnt I spot this fatal limits reference sooner :thinking:

Steam vs. Epic Games

I think Epic is playing a really weird game of nabbing exclusivity and forcing that into the market. It's not to say consoles don't do that either. But it's just going to be a mess juggling different launchers and having separate libraries for everything. Competition is good I guess? But I'm hoping one day indie developers for instance can actually be independent than rely on any which platform that has pros and cons and split userbases.

At least with Steam the process was pretty natural, they solved a problem by providing a service PC just didn't have especially back when most games were in boxes. They even arguably replaced the need for pirating games since its just as easy to download via your Steam account anywhere. With Epic Game it's just like, ok what about the service is actually convenient so far? A lot of the features are still in the making and so far the only thing they got on the table is incentivizing (bribing) devs, and free games (bribing players). It's going to be an uphill battle even if they got all the monies on their side, (and an untapped FortNite audience).

That said Steam has a lot of problems (the "algorithm", the stupid floodgate policy/non-policy, review bombing, lack of real support) that are hard to tell if Epic will even address yet.

Post some old shit

I forgot that gz game existed, though it seems too polished for targ. Wasn't there also a news anchor pixel art thing that was in a chain game or something? The pixel art in the gw community was actually pretty good.

When I first started doing custom art from the ground up

Game with like 5 different titles, i think Space Funeral had a bit of influence on it

Post some old shit

Those shots look pretty sick Sidewinder, :O I'd kill for an ABL-like these days. Reminds me of https://rpgmaker.net/games/241/ which keeps getting remade over and over.