*blows dust off ancient readme.txt*

Currently working on: The Machine that Breathes https://store.steampowered.com/app/1126210/the_machine_that_BREATHES/ (Please wishlist!)
the machine that BREATHE...
A tunneling machine finds itself injected into a body resembling a human.




10 years later, holds up.

RMN's Favourite RM Games of All Time List (2019 Edition)

The Way
Angels of Exodus
A Blurred Line
Safety: Life Is A Maze
The Longing Ribbon
Kinetic Cipher
Love and War: Act I
Sunset Over Imdahl
Theia - The Crimson Eclipse
Diary of a Madman

I haven't even beaten Theia yet but it made a really good impression on me. Probably easier to have a long term opinion about it next time we do this.

What are you thinking about? (game development edition)

It's good to have pride in your stuff sometimes, but you're probably fretting over extra stuff that isn't that important, and it only becomes clearer looking back in hindsight. It's good to fail a lot but make sure you're actually learning from it. That's more challenging than deliberately working out all of the possibilities before actually making anything.

Looking for a copy style of zelda but isn't actually zelda

https://rpgmaker.net/games/778/ Fey is the only action/zelda one I ever liked, mainly for the world/presentation.

Lone Star

FF7 remake. It's a thing.

The art direction seems pretty standard as far as using Advent Children as a reference point. I'm kind of bummed out Midgar is just gonna have a bunch of open areas to fight in since the coolest part about that place was the claustrophobic areas. I also think it's hilarious that the episodic thing is still happening, kind of diminishes the point of it all since everyone knows the story.

But who knows maybe there will be e3 coverage and then like nothing for 2 years.

[RM2K3] How to stop a battle event from executing on Game Over

Off the top of my head checking party HP sounds like a bad idea unless everyone has the same max HP, and sounds unreliable in general since you're checking if the glyph holder is also dead if at 0.

Simple solution I can devise is to just add +1 to a variable whenever a party member hp hits 0*. If that variable reaches the party size minus 1, then disable the glyph.

*:you could check every party member in the game or devise a way to figure out which party members to check if they're in the party

Where do we go from here?

author=Sgt M
It was apparent in the months leading up to EX's release that the launch was going to be a quiet one. And somewhere in that time, it became clear that a Dragon Quest-inspired game like Yuusha just didn't have much of an audience.

Or you just haven't found the audience. The main problem with a lot of indie devs trying to get their projects off the ground is that they end up marketing to gamedevs (twitter is mostly full of nitpicky creatives) just because you soared in the #screenshotsaturday metrics isn't going to translate into sales, it just means people liked your screenshot. I say all this because it's really easy to jump to conclusions based on simply your anecdotal experience, and not actually doing the research and finding out if there is or isn't a demand for whatever thing your game offers. It could be that DQ-likes don't have a sizeable audience, but I doubt you even reached the full length to say for certain.

Theme Roulette 2

Yeah I'm probably not going to focus much on this, other projects need my attention.

[RM2K3] Making a state?

Add like 20 extra blank states to lengthen the scroll window. It's weird, you might have to hit down arrow to select the last one in some cases.