*blows dust off ancient readme.txt*

Currently working on: The Machine that Breathes https://store.steampowered.com/app/1126210/the_machine_that_BREATHES/ (Please wishlist!)
the machine that BREATHE...
A tunneling machine finds itself injected into a body resembling a human.



Steamed Hams, but it's RPGMAKER2003!

Grimm's Hollow

Saw this on twitter, looks great!

Dead Again

Wouldn't have guessed this was rm2k3 since the character proportions are really unique for the typical 16x32 chibi size. Really nice work.

RPG Paper Maker

Gave it a try and this program is actually really sick. Really is a nice sweet spot between RPGMaker and Unity. My only hang up right away is that I wish the default ingame GUI was a little more polished. Like letter by letter for messages and juicy cursor things you'd expect an rpgmaker project to have out of the box. Though that's probably something on the bucket list.

Really like the dev interface so far and the combination between being able to go from flat sprites to voxel-pretend cubes all the way to OBJs. Didn't have to look at any tutorials to get something going. It's a potentially insane deal changer for indie RPGs imo.

I'd probably make a short game in it if I wasn't so tied up with my current project adsfjsafdaisfdsadf


Country of Snow

This is quite the e3 announcement

Ghosts of the Arcanum

i talk over this ancient gamf

Article detailing the demo release history: https://rpgmakerhistoria.home.blog/2019/06/03/finding-forever-eden/


the prophecy was true

The Sun Is A Star

Romancing Saga also has a bunch of characters, and although like 70% is ground you could spread them out horizontally (i believe this specific example is a formation) But I don't think anyone would mind a non single file line or something like this where characters gradually offset each other as they go down the line.

I guess also it would help if a character would step forward when their command input is on, I think there are def ways around your problem.

The Sun Is A Star

That's not what they taught me in school!

I like the use of prerender/photographs but the characters not standing on the ground in the battle backgrounds really bother me.