Mega Man: Revenge of the...
A action-based platformer based on the classic 8-bit Mega Man games.



Open World in Review

aww....guys...you make me cry... ;3;
Well, we have a new interesting wrinkle too, I got a new computer, because the current one is BSOD quite often now and rm2k3 isn't working well or at all on the new computer, so I gotta use it on the old, aging computer.

Also when I click on one map after viewing another, it 'innocently' reduces the previous map I JUST VIEWED to a standard 20x15 blue screen of blankness. I don't realize this until I accidently save and click back and it's permanently saved like that, losing ALL progress on that map! I've never seen a bug like this before and it's happening more frequently. The only way to fix it is to keep multiple back-ups of the ENTIRE game and click back and forth several maps just in case, save the game, check the individual map file size and if it looks like the standard 'just created' map size, copy/paste over a back-up copy to the map directory. You can't imagine how aggravating this is.

So hopefully, through all these problems, I may still get this done. In fact, it was suggested to me by a few friends that I should at least complete the remainder of the maps, get a few events set up so you can at least explore around, snag all the 'main six' summon creatures and just have an open-pre-alpha build for testers/players to at least wander around in. What do you think? Would that be better than not having anything at all?

I'm starting to think I may need outside help to complete this at all, but not sure how we could collaborate such a endeavor and still keep it a cohesive product.

Open World in Review

Oof, looking back on this...still discouraged and real life kicking my ass even more these days. I still don't know if I'm going to be having time to get back to this and if/when I do, if interest will even be there or people are going to bother using rm2k3 by the time it's released... It hurts seeing this much work wasting away.

Amulet of Fate

I should honestly hide this game page or take it down for a time until I get sufficiently close to completion, because right now, real life has not been kind to me for literally almost 4 years straight and it doesn't look like it's letting up anytime soon. Thankfully, I still have all files, databases, maps, dev notes and more (all of it) backed up on several drives. So the overall project isn't going anywhere. I just need the time.

Amulet of Fate

Honestly, I had hoped to complete all the maps first before releasing what would basically amount to 'an alpha build.' No real story, no real quests to speak of, just exploring the world and opening chests and fighting monsters, and fighting some pre-set bosses, etc. But I'm still not sure yet.

Mega Man: Revenge of the Fallen

The programmer is long gone and can't be contacted and I've not a clue how to dig into code to fix or replicate either of those. So this is sorta a finished product now.

Legend of Zelda: Lost Isle

Those are probably as a result of version mismatching with my quest. Those glitches did not exist when we tested it on the Lost Isle ZC build AND the 2.5 version of ZC. If you try playing it in other versions, I can't guarantee any amount of success with the quest. Also, there are arrow bag upgrades to increase past 255.

Amulet of Fate

It's been kinda on permanent hiatus until my life gets in order.

Potential DLC content - will need assistance...

Wow, this is an extremely late response to my help request. :D
I mean, I've lost a lot of the project files regarding this DLC, so it'd be a struggle to pull everything back together for this DLC that has long since been abandoned. I could give you what I have, but not sure what more we could do with it.

Ver 1.5 update planned - some changes...

Well, that sounds awesome flapperultra. If you can give me some examples of your work, I can most likely take you on board the 1.5 update and maybe change up the way the MM Killers work as well as finally implement the 100 room challenge. Finally, we can add 8 more DLC stages to the mix. The only work you'd possibly do there is program the 8 bosses and any additional enemies (which won't go over the single digits honestly).

If I sign you up, I'll give you the GMK file for you to study and browse the coding and you tell me if you think its possible to do what I'm asking. :) Looking forward to your response.