Music for all your needs!

Hello guys,
I go by the name of DaveyBriteRPG when it comes to my business,

I want to offer my services to you.

Firstly, I'd like to introduce my website www.daveybriterpg.com

Here you can listen, buy, or request your very own unique soundtrack.
Please take a look :)

Lastly, If you have any questions about pricing, wait times, or anything in general, please use the contact form on the website.

I hope this serves you well !!

[ARTIST FOR FREE] anime/characters/CG

When you say FREE ARTIST, you expect to see some reall dull stuff...
but have to admit, they look pretty good!
I'm sure you'll do a team proud :)

rpgmaker.net needs your help (again)!

I wouldn't mind donating some of my commission if I get someone interest from my jobs board forum :)

Post your Music

Newbie with a couple of suggestions !

You may have already had these requests, but there's a couple of things i'm used to on other forums that I haven't fond here..

Now we all love attaching images to our forum posts via that little image button, and videos with the youtube button, But what about a soundcloud button?
Not sure if it's possible to add, but us musicians would like a link! :D

Secondly, it may seem quite stupid, but wouldn't it make more sense to have the "New Topic" and "New Poll" button above the topics?
I mean, maybe as well as, not instead, but scrolling down to post a topic can be a little irritating at times..

I hope you don't mind my feedback,


RPG Music :)

Oh wow..
This is like a forum that most artists/musicians dream about!
Somewhere to show off? ohhhh Alright then ;)

So, mainly I compose music.

I absolutely LOVE RPG games such as Final Fantasy, WoW, that sort of thing and the music in them is beautiful.
This is mainly where my inspiration comes from.
One of my favourite classic RPG sounding tracks has to be this Dynamic piece that I made for a composer making a final fantasy style RPG, purely based on a battle scenario.

I once attempted to create a battle theme for something more futuristic (Imagine FF13 battle music on drugs)
This was the end result - https://soundcloud.com/daveybriterpg/daveybriterpg-stay-close

And lastly, I have a slight passion for creating Credits (Beginning or End) for TV shows, Films and Games.
This is my most recent Orchestral Credits theme - https://soundcloud.com/daveybriterpg/credit-roll

There is a hell of a lot more I would like to show off, but let's not seem obnoxious hey?

I hope you enjoy listening to them as much as I enjoyed making them.

What are you thinking about right now?

Why pay for games from steam when you can emulate it ;)
I mean,
yea go buy it it's all legal and all that jazz...

What am I thinking right now...
I wish my baby boy would hurry up and teeth.. poor babah is in agony!

[Musician] Versatile musician available!

Ok bern :)
Let me know if there's ever anything you need!

[Musician] Versatile musician available!

Haha fair play:)
Just a general enquiry then?
Or are you a musician too?

[Musician] Versatile musician available!

It's not silly bern I probably should have mentioned that..
I have various tracks on my sound cloud which are free to download.
But if you want a soundtrack that's original to your game.. Then I can work for a price :)

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