"The miracle is this - the more we share, the more makerscore we have." ~Leonard Nimoy

"You see, money doesn't exist on RMN. The ecquisition of wealth is no longer the driving force in our lives. We work to better our Makerscore and the rest of the community." ~Captain Jean-Luc Picard


Makerscore... the thing we live for, the thing we breath for (virtually), the thing that makes people stop sitting on their a** doing nothing.

I thank you for this article.

Keep submitting lots!

RMN Snews - Issue #21

at least my sister is productive:

Also you should know that each and every other RM forum on this planet has less productivity than RMN. So it is more a problem about RMing in general and not about this site.

RMN Snews - Issue #21

And I agree with the rudeness issue adressed. This community is slowly starting to look like GW in the bad times... not much action, too much wittiness. I'm sad about the unpopularity of events like Scary Movie and Zero to Many 2, compared to what they were in a not-too-distant past.

Looks like I have to come back full time to save you all! But you still have to wait about 2 years for that, unfortunately... :-(

edchuy's Release Something! X marks the spot! Wrap-Up

6. Deacon Batista's Antiartica trailer ( )

A 3 and a half minute long video that unlike other releases shows snippets of gameplay rather a continuous sequence and is nicely set to a certain well-known Frank Sinatra standby whose title happens to be the subtitle of this game...

Bobby Darin! Not Sinatra! D-X

Making Your Game Work Without the RTP

Isn't it also necessary to put the harmony.dll into the project folder?

SRADIO #1: Release Something! X and Rants

The baby is a show stealer! D-:

Staff Choice Awards 2009

How can I stop getting notifications for this? D-X I didn't subscribe it!

Staff Choice Awards 2009

Reminds me of RRR's '''awards''. X,-D

RMN Snews - Issue #13

This is A LOT better than the lousy and boring ''RRR News'' or ''The Weekly Gazette''.
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