Game of 'Thrones'

I loved Mission Impossible. I know it was trashy and buggy, but using the weapon cheat and killing off as many civilists as possible was hella fun. :-)

Pocket Quest!

What is done is done? Does that mean you don't wanna fix stuff so that you could make cheap money with a "legal remake" of your game? ;-)

@ Brent:
The Frenchies make the best graphics but their gameplay sucks. ;-)

Pocket Quest!

Man ... Italians indeed make the best stuff when it comes down to RPG Maker. O.O

But lots of the musics in this game are so bad ... You should really change those musics which are damn overused.

Nice nipple alert when you rest in the Inn by the way. ;-)
Wonder how often you fapped to your own graphics while making this game ...


Way too bad you had to ruin it with that lousy music stolen from VD2 or "The Scorpions" (that's some German old men wannabe hasbeen rock band).

By the way: Why am I not listed as a tester on this gamepage? I worked my a** off in 2009 to make this game eppic!

Vampires' Dawn

When episode 1 already?

Probably this year, as you know.

- half of the music done
- most of the maps done
- most of the artworks done
- most of the charsets done

Content, intro and especially battle system still need some work.

A Demon Crystal Story

Is this you, "Zero the bird"?


Is this even a game or more a tech-demo?


Didn't you learn anything at the Bundeswhore?

That question itself is even a joke. You learn more in every Sonderschwule than there!

And if I hit a "Scharmhaarlie", the bullet moves through his head or heart, damn it! Every freakin time! So he has to be dead immediatelly!!


I for sure don't remember shit like that!
But they should die with only one hit! I mean: If you shoot at somebody in reality, he's freak dead with the first hit!


Look, if you press 3 or 4 a complete list with all the key bindings appears again.

I know that! -,-

Thus you can save all the time on 3 I think.

I know that! -,-

The view strangely locks at the bunkers. But once you passed the first block of bunkers, it should be unlockable again.

You seriously uploaded the game although knowing about that bug?! Eliminate it!!

I'm not quite sure what you mean.

It's not my fault your brain works slower as my internet. (Woah, wieder fett kraƟ gedisst!)
When I press 3 or 4 I have to press ENTER (if you don't know which key that is: google it!) to make the picture disappear. That sucks! It has to be 3 or 4 again to make the list disappear, not ENTER!