Wartools Review

Well, yeah. Gods of Ashes, too. But you have to rename the characters:
Stella = Vivien
... and her colleagues = Philipp and Marcel.

Wartools Review

It's your best game ever. So the time is NOT better spend with translating your other projects ... except you are a fame whore that wants more and more Makerscore! :-O

"I fell into a burning ring of fire. I fell down, down, down." (The sad part is no one on this site will likely get this reference.)

I did, because I am old.

Nightmare Johnny Review

I can't believe this game was released four years ago and has had absolutely no attention whatsoever. What are you people doing? Play this game right now!

wrong engine + no artworks = no attention ...

Aorta Review

You have to give it one more extra star in honor of George Michael who just died last christmas. Yeah, the game features George Michael!

but every time you are impressed, something comes along and makes you wonder why you are still playing this.
At least you were impressed ...

Aorta Review

So am I. ^_^

And if the author no longer finds that kind of stuff funny, then that's fine, it's his call.
Don't get me wrong: I laughed my ass off when reading about some passages/texts in the game, still I wouldn't do a game like this again because today I find it too much to have sex and insults in EVERY fucking sentence.
In Germany we say "Weniger ist manchmal mehr" (~ Less is more.). Today I prefer stuff that makes you think "What? That was damn funny! But was it even meant to be funny?".

Aorta Review

Dammit. Now I want to spill all my hate into a game, throw it somewhere for people to hate it, and never talk about it ever again.

For people to hate it? It was completely ignored before this review was written.

Alex's Scar Review

"Milfhouse" tops every joke the Angry Video Game Nerd or (whoever) Spoony (is) ever made!

Aorta Review

There also some spelling errors and grammar mistakes like "summarise", "Berthald" or "there also". Nevertheless, it’s the least of the review's problems. ;-)

If I can be serious for a minute: I totally forgot that this game is even funnier than Conker's Bad Fur Day. Still for my today's standards it's quite over the top/too extreme. Nowadays I prefer more intelligent humor.

Alex's Scar Review

Well, it's not easy to review trash like this I guess, but if you have just 1 month to finish a full game, it's hard to come up with something better. X-D

Though I disagree with one point:
The frame is pretty average ..
The frame is custom and absolutely awesome! It is not average!

Whatever, I'm sure you lol'd. I have to lol even by looking at these screenies. X,-D

By the way: I hope you played the original uncensored version (which is linked in my Locker), so that you can see the real face of "DerVVulfman".

The Hand of RM Gawd has spoken.

P.S.: You should upload review-images to your locker, so that the links do not becoma dead after a while...

The Way EP 6 Review

"complete all side quests"... very helpful. -_-