[FORUM] Registering blocked?

Whaaat how did I miss bizarrebitch's breakdown?

Damnit, I hated that guy
Why? Because he worked with RM XP? Okay, that would be a good reason ... ;-)

Did you know the case of those two boys who killed a 2 years old boy in england??
They're now members of society so I think I can change in the future, because I think that saying you can't join this site in the future is quite exagerated. Everyone can change, me too.
Trolling internet sites is more evil than killing real life people.
If you get a lifetime arrest in real life, you'll spend the next 15 years in prison (at least here in Europe).
If you get a lifetime ban in the internet, it is really forever.


Hullo (whatever that word means, I do not know that word) there, too.

I've been trying to register here for a few days now, but I see y'all ran into some unfortunate nonsense which caused the registrations to close.

Revenge is not nonsense. A little bit of revenge never hurt anybody.


... I prefer weapons. Or titts.

Why do you make RM games?

For me, it's simply because it's easy and I have no talent what so ever.

Same here.

Just found motherlode of old RPGMAker Games

As we just talk about trolls:
I'm also looking for "Aftermath" by Drakiyth.
His YouPoop account is dead, the gamepage is dead, his profile is quite dead ... Is the whole guy dead?


Jeez ... what did you do to the pano? >.<

Just found motherlode of old RPGMAker Games

Wait ... does that mean you claim to be Brent_Murray? That can't be! If you would be him the word "Monopolo" would appear in each of your posts. O.o


That's why we should all stop RMing. Working with RM2k/3 is waste of time, and working with the other RPG Makers is not worth it ...


Yeah, the days when people actually played RM 2k/3 games. The days before Enterbrain began to release a new RPG Maker each year and all of them looking the same ...


We don't. We did nothing but cleaning useless stuff ...