Pocket Quest!

What is done is done? Does that mean you don't wanna fix stuff so that you could make cheap money with a "legal remake" of your game? ;-)

@ Brent:
The Frenchies make the best graphics but their gameplay sucks. ;-)

Pocket Quest!

Man ... Italians indeed make the best stuff when it comes down to RPG Maker. O.O

But lots of the musics in this game are so bad ... You should really change those musics which are damn overused.

Nice nipple alert when you rest in the Inn by the way. ;-)
Wonder how often you fapped to your own graphics while making this game ...

Does anyone Remember RpgRpgRevolution? (Remembering RRR)

The only one I remember fitting this description is Kaz

Don't forget "Lyric" or "From_Ariel" ... LOL. ^^

Well, LordBlueRouge, I wanted to say something positive, but since there wasn't anything positive about that community, I just couldn't.
BUT I can help people like Yellow Magic out who want to know how their members are doing now ... Although I don't get the sense of this. I mean, ok, I heard there are even people who like to watch the new Disney Star Wars films ... Must be fun to see how terribly your old heroes have aged and how they all got killed off one after another on or off screen.
Therefore, here you may be able to see how the RRR remnants have aged: (RRR graveyard)

Does anyone Remember RpgRpgRevolution? (Remembering RRR)

It's hilarious that they even had a database and review system there, but it was literally rotting on the main site, because their community was 5 % old mommies older than 55 years (those were their staff by the way X-D) and 95 % unproductive kids all doing smalltalk in the forums only ...
So the best of their games were stolen projects from other sites and the rest were 5 minute long VX noob games full of gigantic ripped videos. ^^

Oh, and the fact that "The_Bizarre_Monkey" was one of their top and most popular members, says a lot about RRR ...


Very cute ^^ But what's wrong with Goku? He would never kill helpless dinosaurs ...

[Poll] Game of Thrones book vs. tv series

The biggest problem I have with the series is that they're changing the actors so often ... Also they started some of the subplots and just canceled them when recognizing that there's not enough screentime left and the subplot is not that important (I guess that's the problem when you start a TV show about an UNFINISHED book series). Some changes in the series just feel like being done for popularity reasons ("because the fans don't like Mormont's raven" and stuff like that) and that always sucks.

Still way better than the screwed up story of "Jaws" or "First Blood (Rambo)" ... Popular or not: Those two are perfect examples of horrible Hollywood bullsh*t dirt "fixed" for the whiney mainstream audience!

TV is always the media that has more consumers than books. No matter if awesome or lousy. Because most of the people are just to lazy to read ... Even I am.

Wartools Review

Well, yeah. Gods of Ashes, too. But you have to rename the characters:
Stella = Vivien
... and her colleagues = Philipp and Marcel.

Wartools Review

It's your best game ever. So the time is NOT better spend with translating your other projects ... except you are a fame whore that wants more and more Makerscore! :-O

"I fell into a burning ring of fire. I fell down, down, down." (The sad part is no one on this site will likely get this reference.)

I did, because I am old.

Nightmare Johnny Review

I can't believe this game was released four years ago and has had absolutely no attention whatsoever. What are you people doing? Play this game right now!

wrong engine + no artworks = no attention ...


Way too bad you had to ruin it with that lousy music stolen from VD2 or "The Scorpions" (that's some German old men wannabe hasbeen rock band).

By the way: Why am I not listed as a tester on this gamepage? I worked my a** off in 2009 to make this game eppic!